The Cycle of Crime

Trigger Warning: This post has not been written to hurt anybody’s emotions or religious values. It is just a piece of idea and researched information on crime. Some of the topics covered in this post might be disturbing.

“Crime’; doesn’t this sound like some scary word which can easily beat the shit out of one normal person? One question which always hits up my mind is why are people so afraid of this word? My readers might actually turn up their voices and say “Oh please, this word really does not freak me out”. Well, shockingly about two-third of the Britain starts panicking after being heard the word crime. Perhaps, every country in this world has a different number of people acting upon such things like crime.

In my opinion, crime is everything which is against my principles. Thank god that’s not the actual definition of crime will be the reaction of my readers upon this. Scientifically Speaking, Crime would be “an action that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is published by the law”. In simple and easy words, crime is everything which is considered as a bad deed by the legislation of our Law.

Now taking that into consideration, there are 196 countries in this world. So in addition to that, in every country the definition of crime and the types or crime are certainly different. However, upon such crimes the punishments of some deeds are unusual in all these counties as well. For example: A man getting married for the second time without having divorce with his first wife is considered as a crime in Canada but the same situation is not considered as a crime in Pakistan.

Crime is everywhere. It is a need of requirement for the society. It gives us the reality check about the world we are living in. As stated by one of the most famous social theorist Emile Durkheim; crime is a normal part of the society. For a stable functioning society, we do need the existence of crime. On the other hand, Crime is necessary for people with low socio economic status and the people with poor background. For such people performing crime (any sort of crime) is a personal gain. They are the people living on the streets, have no job and have no secured future. However, they intend to choose the path of stealing things, performing rapes, or getting involved in various kinds of street crimes. One of the very first question which came up to my mind after studying this topic was “why would someone even choose this path even after knowing the consequences?” when asked this question to one of the person who was certainly involved in street crimes, he said that “The perfect word to explain my emotions during my struggle would be frustration! frustration towards my life, my family and the most basic need of life-Money. I started feeling like the world is unfair to me and by performing such crimes I wanted to be unfair to the world.”

His explanation which was added with a touch of his emotions and a bit of reality was heartbreaking.

Rape, child labor, killing people, youth crime, white collar crime, computer crime; all of these are just the variety of crimes which are commonly performed nowadays. While watching a movie on a rape survivor, I realized how much it is easy for some people to rape a person; it is horribly dangerous and is brutal. The criminals have no idea about what they have done to their victim. They are somewhat proud of raping a man/woman. This sounds so absurd, but it is the bitter truth.

Crime is not something which is born inside you. It is something you chose yourself.

Putting a stop on Crime is hard, but is not impossible. If we promise ourselves about not facing a crime or not watching some crime taking place in front of us, we can surely reduce at least 5% of crime in our society.

Put a stop on Crime and make sure that you all feel SAFE in your own society.