#1: It’s 2018! Time to find better heroes!

In 2018, let’s value ‘moral goodness’ over ‘professional success’.

Looking for new heroes!

Every time someone crosses a milestone or succeeds professionally, we all rally behind the person. If no one knew you yesterday and you went viral today for some reason, your opinion will be taken for all matters of tomorrow. We make people popular, increase their followers, give them the power to influence thousands and millions of people — in short, we make them our hero. If you look at all the people you respect and look up to, you’ll realise that what you love about them is their grit, their ‘never give up’ attitude, and their ability to persevere and achieve their dreams. We respect and love people because of their professional success. We live under the assumption that if someone is professionally successful, they must be a good human being. It is high time to acknowledge that it is not true.

People can be good at what they do professionally and still be bitter, hate-filled, sexist, and bigoted assholes to others.

If 2017 has taught us anything, it is that people either die a hero or live long enough to show their true character. From Harvey Weinstein to J.K.Rowling to Sonu Nigam, we looked up to people because of their professional success only to realise that they were perpetrators, accomplices, bigoted. It is high time we understand that ‘professionally successful’ DOES NOT equal to ‘a good human being’.

The problem with the world in 2017 was— we got too attached to people because we loved their work. Be it a stand-up comedian with a couple of ‘viral’ videos or a writer with a few poorly-written but widely-appreciated books, we just can’t stop gushing over someone who has achieved professional success. We follow them on social media, read whatever shit they talk about, and watch their interviews.

Over a period of time, as we develop a certain affection for them, we vehemently defend them for their stupid words or ‘misinterpreted’ actions.

And if not defend, we at least give these professionally successful people a platform where they can spew bigoted, hate-filled, sexist shit. We get into social media wars to defend them.

I understand we live in a world where everyone has the freedom and power to express themselves on social media. But as people, as a group, we can decide who we want to listen to. And we should listen to people who have informed opinion plus a logical, balanced view on things. People who encourage discussion and talk about both sides of the issues. Let’s not listen to people because they achieved some professional success in their life.

It is 2018 for FUCK’S sake! Let’s not give power to people who don’t have the maturity to deal with complex and complicated issues surrounding us. And let’s please separate the professional success of people with their personal opinion about other things.

And it is high time we respect and look up to people who are compassionate, rational, empathetic, and thoughtful. Let’s value ‘moral goodness’ over ‘professional success’.
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