Faces of People.

There is so much more to a person than what we see. We think a person is just one entity; that if we are friends with a person, we get the whole person. We limit people into one being. What leads us to believe that a person (any person) is a simple being to understand and his / her love, affection, anger, friendship is all just bundled up in one piece, one personality? And why do we believe that either we get all of the person or nothing? When did people become so monochrome?

People are multi-layered personalities with various traits and habits and qualities all packed in multiple packages.

There is a package called friend. The part of the person who would call once a month, stay in touch, would be happy at your accomplishments, would be there for you if you need them. But even if they can’t make it to your birthday party, it would be no big deal.

There is a package called lover. The part of person that loves and cares about you. The part of the person who feels affectionate towards you and like he could cross mountains for you or endure unbearable amount of pain for you.

There is a package called acquaintance. The part of a person who has a hint about you, would maybe like to know more of you but doesn’t know enough right now to care. The part of the person who had a chance of meeting you / interacting with you but nothing more has transpired.

And there are so many other packages inside a person. There is a package which is caring, or flirty, or attentive. There might be a package which is revealed to enemies or a package which is for your children or for your parents. We wear different faces when we meet different people. We reveal to them a particular package or a combination of a few packages and that is how we define their value in our life.


You are my best friend so you get to see the affectionate side of me plus the cranky side of me plus the caring side of me that I have reserved for the best people in my life.

You are my enemy so you get to see the sarcastic, mean, rude and assholish side of me. GO FUCK YOURSELF.

You are my fiance so you get to see my best and my worst. You get to see the deepest of my fears and the wildest of my dreams. I trust you with the weakest side of me and boast to you about the strongest.

We are different with different people, aren’t we? We are so many different personalities rolled into one and sometimes it is difficult to manage them.

Just because one is friends with 10 people, doesn’t mean one is at the same level of friendship with all of them. These things are so subjective that it cannot even be calculated. But some people assume that just because they know you, they have the right to ask humongous favours of you.

And what bugs me the most is that we get jealous so easily. Your girlfriend is giving someone a little attention? SO WHAT? She is giving so much more to you. Can’t you see the difference? Your friend isn’t giving you his time now because he got a girlfriend? SO WHAT? That relationship is different and your relationship is different. You can’t always compare things. You can’t always ask for things that you don’t get. Sometimes, you have to be happy with the things you do get. Because the things you do get, are sometimes more than enough.

Did this make sense? I just had a thought so I started rambling. Let me know if this made sense in the comments :)

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