LaVine Injury Best Thing Ever for Wiggins and TWolves?

Andrew Wiggins with Zach LaVine this season: 51.6% TS on 25.8% USG.

Andrew Wiggins without Zach LaVine: 57.6% TS on 33.6% USG.

Not really a small sample either. Wiggins has played just over 800 minutes without LaVine on the floor with him.

The TWolves are also apparently playing much better without LaVine. With Wiggins, Towns, and LaVine, they are averaging -2.5 points per 100 possessions (112.8 ORTG; 115.3 DRTG). When Wiggins and Towns are on the court without LaVine, the TWolves are +6.8 (117.7 ORTG; 110.9 DRTG). That’s a swing of nearly 10 points, which is huge. And again, not such a small sample after 629 minutes.

So what should one make of this? I like LaVine as an offensive threat, but perhaps, he just doesn’t work with Wiggins, on either end of the court. Do the TWolves eventually need to choose between them? Or perhaps, this is just statistical noise. Only time will tell.

*All stats from my website 😁