What do you do?

What do you do when people you’d consider friends are also apparent friends with people who obsessively cut you down? How can those mutual friends be supportive of both sides of a polar opposite argument? How can those mutual friends sit by and watch as one friend is repeatedly torn down by another?

How can you be friends with both? At some point one of those friendships becomes damaged, maybe beyond repair.

Not uttering a single defense for one friend when their character is maligned seems to me one of the least unfriendly things one could do. Not even so much as “that’s not been my experience, but yours may differ”.

If I return, I’ll have to decide if those relationships are worth maintaining. Do you continue relationships for the sake of appearance? Doesn’t that seem disingenuous: “I don’t like that you are supportive of someone who despises me, but we should still be friends.”?

Time changes people. Different relationships take precedence over those in the past. Events are experienced differently by every human being on earth. No human experience is a facsimile. When those events happen it takes diligence to ensure that those relationships are maintained and that’s difficult even in a real life, person to person relationship. Virtual relationships are much more subject to decay and evolution over time without a great deal of effort. In a world where we will barely find time to sit down to a meal with our family, virtual relationships are by far the most difficult to sustain.

I wish life could always be as it once was when it was happiest.

If I return I hope the answers I found while away aren’t too hurtful, but I fear they may be.

Best wishes.

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