Ananyah Dhawan — A published author, in his teens!

Nothing in the world can give a writer more happiness than seeing a book written by them lie right next to the book of the author they love!
All said and agreed, it is a fact that not every writer gets to enjoy this bliss and see their dreams bloom into reality. We, at The Climber are extremely proud to introduce you to Ananyah Dhawan, a Mentee at the Novel Writing Workshop who has now successfully published his first book, “The Story That Wasn’t”.

Ananyah, who is currently doing his Under Graduation in Mechanical engineering at the Delhi Technological University has always been very passionate about writing novels, micro-tales and short stories. These beautiful pieces had for a long time been hidden behind the last pages of a notebook and sometimes as unfinished drafts on his laptop. The courage to go big and have his work read by everyone around the world was instilled in Ananyah by Pooja.A.H, the Novel Writing Workshop Captain last year at MyCaptain.

After getting into college, with time to spare in his hands, Ananyah decided to start making serious drafts of his first book. He ensured that he put his heart and soul into making this book an enjoyable and meaningful one. With the help of Notion Press (India’s Fastest Growing Self Publishing company), Ananyah was able to visualize his creation into several hardcopies.

Ananyah is now learning techniques regarding Digital Marketing and has plans to promote his book through college events for a wider reach.

‘The Story That Wasn’t” is a semi-autobiography by Ananyah that reveals the way of life from the point of view of a male protagonist. It is undeniable that each of us have suffered heartaches, been through rough times and have felt so damaged inside at some point of time. The courage to get up and start all over again each time you stumble is what this book has to offer. It is not many times that you have a good read that has the power to heal your soul. Make sure you own your copy and allow it to take you through such times with a smile!

We wish Ananyah the very best for all his future endeavors and hope to read many more of his works!

-Mahima Balasubramanyam

The Climber is an NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore Incubated EdTech Startup. MyCaptain by The Climber is among the Top 50 youth led solutions in the World (UN SDSN).

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