From speech bubbles to short stories to novels — A glimpse of Captain Megha’s Journey

Being born in Singapore and then moving to India during 6th grade was a tough transition for Megha Rao, settling down in Kerala, learning Malayalam and getting used to an entirely new place and culture wasn’t an easy journey. She always found solace in her writing and genuinely believes that all these years her writing has helped her overcome all the crisis she faced and made her who she is today.

Captain Megha Rao

Captain Megha started her journey in writing when she was merely six years old and used to make comics, which gradually took turn and became short stories. The turning point in her life was when she got her first novel, Alice: The Netherworld published in 2012, followed by its sequel Alice: The Inferno Conspiracy in 2014 under Penguin Random House.

After graduating from Madras Christian College, Captain Megha took up an internship with Harper Collins publishing house, and went ahead to pursue her love for literature in University of Nottingham, England. After returning to India after her masters degree, Captain Megha took a six months break where she decided to explore another passion of hers, which were art and poetry.

Sylvia Plath and Frida Kahlo play a very important role in her life, she looks up to them as her inspiration and role models. She loves Sylvia Plath’s poetry and Frida Kahlo’s passion and dedication towards painting despite of the accident that she was involved in. She believes that, “If you want to do something you really need to be dedicated towards it”.

Currently, Megha Rao is working at Terribly Tiny Tales, as Content Lead. Her work consists of a lot of reading and finding a lot of writers which she enjoys. Her favourite part about working in the capacity that she does is discovering new forms of writing and finding beautiful poetry and articles.

On being a mentor at MyCaptain, Megha Rao totally enjoys interacting with the people and discovering the different and diverse forms of writing, she loves interacting with different kinds of people with different interests and passions. She not only enjoys teaching the mentees but also loves learning from them.

Her advice to the younger generation is to “Be brave and do whatever you want to”.

We at MyCaptain wish her all the very best for her future endeavours and thank her for being such an inspiration.

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