Graphic Design mentee, Abdal from Kashmir gets into Symbiosis Institute of Design!

Had you asked him about his Career aspirations a year ago, Abdal Mehraj from the beauteous Valley of Kashmir would have told you he wanted to play Computer games all his life. Today he looks back at what he’d thought his life would be like and smiles impishly.

Abdal as spotted in the picturesque Valley of Kashmir

Born and raised in a town called Sopore in Kashmir, Abdal studied at St. Joseph’s School Baramulla for 14 straight years. As a young student he had “an itch for drawing and doodling on the last pages of the school notebook and benches”, he says. Everyone looked at his art as a hobby and nothing more; Who’d have thought he could take it back to his to-be professional life one day.

As high school neared its end, and all his peers started to make hard life decisions like taking up Medicine or Engineering, Abdal knew he could never settle for a stereotypical field — his cousins and older friends who had, were good enough examples for him. “As soon as I was done with my high school, I started looking for Colleges and courses that would set me on a path of my passion for art and design. I came across Graphic Design and was able to relate to it more than anything else. My sister prescribed the MyCaptain Graphic Design workshop to understand the field better and know more about it. After I was done, I knew what course my life should be taking”, he says.

For Abdal, taking the Mentorship workshop turned out to be the deciding factor. Talking about his mentor, the extremely talented Designpreneur Fatema Hussain, he says : “She started helping me even outside the Workshop ; with my College application and organising my portfolio. Throughout the Workshop she helped me gain vital information and knowledge about the field that was imperative in tipping the scales in my favour during the admission process.”

After the Mentorship program Abdal applied for some of the top design colleges in India and cleared the first rounds of all of them. Eventually he selected Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune as his preference. “Fatema’s last minute tips for the interview were very important for me. I even visited her in Bangalore right before my interviews at Shrishti institute of Design and Symbiosis for her advice. Throughout the admission process I kept in mind what I learnt from the Workshop and used it to get through the various stages. It all bore fruit eventually”, he says with a sigh. One can tell the relief from his face.

On being asked what he wants to do in the field of design in the future, he answers like a well trained pupil “Just like my mentor Fatema, I want to do design for change and bring positive impact in the society through my work. I will constantly be taking guidance from her in this matter”.

Abdal’s journey has just started and the vastness of the field will slowly unravel upon him. We wish him luck for his future endeavours.

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