How this 14 year old student Started Up in School!

Very seldom do students think of Starting Up during School. We have to think of pending homework, fun-loving friends, and parents constantly worrying if we ate on time. But Deepanshu Bhanot, one of our MyCaptain program’s Entrepreneurship and Graphic Design Mentees broke all barriers of age when he started up two years ago while he was still in 10th grade.

Deepanshu Bhanot

He was just 14 years old back then and only because of the experience he gained out of his venture, he looks to pursue Entrepreneurship full time in the coming years.

Deepanshu explained the impact of our MyCaptain Entrepreneurship and Graphic Design Workshops on him and how they led him to start his own firm up.

Q) Hi Deepanshu! How did you find our MyCaptain Workshops and how did they help you?

Deepanshu :- In the summer of 2015, one of my friends referred the MyCaptain Entrepreneurship Workshop to me and after talking to my father I took it up. I was 14 and apprehensive about understanding everything in the Workshop at first. My mentor was Mohammed Zeeshan. He was amazing in his approach towards making all the mentees understand the basics of Entrepreneurship and incited us to ask questions in a manner that helped us clear all our doubts.

I was always interested in Graphic Design and wanted to start my own Graphic Design firm but didn’t know the business side of it. The Workshop helped me develop a Business plan and I was so inspired by it that I formed a team and started looking for projects while the Workshop was still running.

Then to hone my Graphic Design skills, I took up the MyCaptain Graphic Design Workshop and it was very helpful too. It taught me to approach Design Thinking in ways I had never thought of before. By then my small firm which I had named “Enigma” had already started getting customers. I want to change the name to something else now (smirks).

Some of Deepanshu’s work from during the Workshop

Q) Wow! So tell us about the various projects you took up while you were running your firm.

Deepanshu :- I started off with the Design requirements for MUNs in my own school. People liked the way I pitched my services and also liked my Designs so I started looking for and taking up more projects. I did a project for Hansraj College’s Magazine too.

Because of my vigour and small success, even my father was inspired to start his own business inspite of being a Medical Doctor. His startup was called “Fat Clinics” and I not only designed the site but also any other printed material required for circulation.

Q) That’s really inspiring! How well has the Workshop impacted you? Do you think you will start up in the future?

Deepanshu :- Yes, I will most certainly be starting up formally in the future after school ends. Right now I am running Enigma alone. During my degree that I will be going for, as I had learnt from the Entrepreneurship Workshop too, I will be meeting more interesting people with various different capabilities. I look forward to College life and collaborating with amazing people to start up and solve problems for the Society as an Entrepreneur. I left the Workshop with inspiration enough to keep me driven so far and I hope the same goes on for the future.

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