Stocked up on success!

Rohit Mishra, our Finance mentor, talks about his passion for the field and his love for guiding young enthusiasts to success.

-Dhruvi Modi

A young man, oblivious about life and the importance of a career, lazes about in his living room. As the Business News reporter recites digits in the backdrop, he asks his father, “Why is the numbering of the digits all wrong?”.

The simple dialogue between father and son set the boy on an indelible journey that merely began with reading about the stock market and finances, and patiently waiting to exercise his knowledge with his own funds. Before time comes, however, he is sent off to a relative, who is a full-time broker. The first internship with your relative is something that is all too familiar to us Indians. It is there that he learns to exercise his knowledge, and commences his journey in the field of investment.

Fast forward four years of dedicated work, and we pause to see how the young man has now decided to pass his knowledge on to several others. In February 2017, he enrolls with The Climber’s MyCaptain program, as a mentor in Finance.

In our conversation, he reveals that he maintains contact with the members of his first batch, and glistens with pride as he talks about how one of them has taken up trading, and is doing even better than him. What a matter of pride, to have guided a mentee to success. He says that it is an honorable act, mentoring these passionate students, and brings in a great deal of respect.

Today, Rohit is a student of the reputed Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, and has interned in various places. He endeavors to start a career in equity research at a brokerage institute. In 2016, Mishra wrote an article addressing the CBI’s financial crisis, published by The Indian Economist, which was later cited in the branch’s research paper! An impressive feat indeed. Rohit has also been published by The Market Mogul, and has been listed among the top 100 by the same.

“Out of the youth population in India (18 to 30 year olds), 95% do not know where their interest lies. Out of the rest who do know where it lies, 3% do not know how to pursue it. The remaining 2% are people like Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, and Virat Kohli. Be in the 3%, and you will eventually be in the shining 2%,” says Rohit, his advice to the aspirant youth of our nation.

We wish Rohit all the best in his career, and hope that he continues mentoring young minds, and directing them towards their goals!

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