Taking a step outside can help you find your true calling — this is how Captain Sabiq did it

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Captain Sabiq has always been present in interactive and engaging environment. Even when he was in school, he was always found either in the football field or in the canteen with his group of friends having healthy debates, discussing politics and everything that surrounds us, making him the curious soul that he is today.

Like the case is for many of us, even Captain Sabiq didn’t like the concept of classrooms and he believed that he wasn’t made for them. His world always laid beyond books, in close proximity to reality. While, he pursued B.tech from SRM Chennai, he established himself as a regular MUN delegate and was the head of the Techfest.

“Though I didn’t have a high GPA in academics, my participation in co-curricular activities made up for all that I lost in my grades.”, he says.

It is quite rare to get a Letter Of Appreciation from the College Dean, but Captain Sabiq’s talent earned it for him. The MUN society of his college was very actively involved in MUNs inside and outside college and in political debates. In that MUN society he found a team whom he could call a family. They researched together, participated together and won MUNs. Besides, MUNs, he is also inclined towards literary events and dramatics.

Captain Sabiq Chaudhary, MUN

Captain Sabiq wasn’t a very confident and articulate person but experiences evolved him into being one. His won his constant battle with stage fright, when he attended his first MUN at the age of 13. He had entered the hall with a huge pile of paper with a lot of fear bound by awkwardness. He had observed another delegate, who he felt intimidated by because she question every single argument and was constantly interacting with someone or the other. He decided to imitate exactly what the other delegate did and without realising he proved to be the most articulate among all the delegates present there, and this was just the beginning.

After this, there was no stopping for him. He has, since then, been to over 40 MUNs, not just as a delegate but as a part of the Executive Body too. He faced initial hesitation while going for MUNs because they required a participation fee, but gradually he earned enough rewards to fund his participation further. This practice that brought him a long way.

Having done 4 internships and completing his undergrad course, Captain Sabiq is now pursuing his master’s degree in engineering in Toronto. This might have brought an end to his MUNs in India but has expanded his scope in the field here on. Having got this opportunity, he aims to earn a dollar salary after completing his degree course and clearing away the debt of his student loans.

With MyCaptain, Sabiq was acquainted with what he likes to call, ‘mini replicas of himself’ who struggle to fight stage fright and are struck by difficulties when it comes to researching for MUNs. He constantly motivates his mentees to prepare well before going for a MUN.

“The workshop connects young minds of both the mentees and mentors enabling them to imagine themselves in the other’s shoes someday.” He says. The reduced age gap gives more space for interaction and development of a healthy relation!

We at MyCaptain wish him all the very best for his future endeavours and thank him for being such an inspiration.

You can get mentored by Captain Sabiq in MUN here!