The World of Psychology- Expectations vs. Reality

Psychology, the study of human mind and behaviour, remains one of the most widely chosen and most interesting subjects of study at the undergraduate level. Although, it is a popular misconception that a psychology major has virtually zero career prospects. But, taking up a major solely on the basis of career prospects is unfounded. Choose a major that one is interested in, that one is passionate about, and then do a thorough research about career prospects before graduation. There are many positive reasons to study psychology that go beyond career possibilities. There are, however, some things one needs to know about psychology as a subject of study.

Psychology, as a subject, has an equally strong footing in both the sciences and the social sciences. Psychological research is fundamentally capable of employing thoroughly scientific methodologies and producing empirically sound results. However, it can also seek deeper insights, use philosophical conjecture to generate hypotheses, explore cultural differences, make case studies of individuals, and all of this across a vast range of sub disciplines. Psychology being dependent heavily on research methods and statistics is a major turnoff for many, but the importance of this area is not to be ignored, for this is one subject matter that will assist a lot in future employment prospects.

Doing a Psychology course sharpens one’s critical thinking skills. It is essential as an academic skill and is necessary in fields like law and business. Also, there can be seen improvement in concrete academic skills, such as presenting, researching and writing on pursuing psychology.

Contrary to popular belief, psychology is a really good, general major for careers in law, social services, education, business and many other occupations. that a psychology major has virtually no career prospects is a myth. You just need to know how to “sell” your psychology degree. Savvy employers know that an understanding of the human mind is pivotal to success in an office environment, and hence, you have to be savvy job applicants as emphasize this as an important and employable competency. Most student only have clinical psychology as a career in mind when they take up psychology. However, psychology has a much wider scope. For example, Organizational and industrial psychology, one of the highest paying sectors, mainly deals with the human dynamics in a workplace and how to make it better. A knowledge of human behavior is one of the selling points for employment, and hence psychologists usually make excellent supervisors, managers and HR employees.

The experience of studying psychology is a very rewarding one. It gives an opportunity to discover what we understand about the human behaviour, and what we are yet to understand. It combines scientific rigour with a flexibility of approach. One must not be swayed by the popular, albeit unfounded opinion that psychology is an empty skill, a soft option. It has a plethora of employment opportunities, and if it is a subject of study one is interested in, it can be a very rewarding life choice.

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