Why Snapchat is better than Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and WINNING 2016

Ideas are a result of the world you surround yourself with. Living in an age where we are hyperconnected to information, social networks, friends, opinions and poorly formulated “news” articles, it’s easy to be swayed in different directions. Making sure you realize that your opinions may not always be your own is an insight that will give you a ton of power in deciding what you do and don’t believe.

Enter Gary Vee (Vaynerchuck).

For those of you not familiar with him the rabbit hole it too deep. Just check him out at links below and you’ll be sold:

Snapchat/Instagram/Twitter: @garyvee

Long story short Gary’s been beating the snapchat drum forever. Literally I’ve watched so may episodes of the #askgaryveeshow on youtube and wondered how on earth he thought it would beat out the other networks. I just didn’t get it. I’d tried snapchat but found the interface clunky and just didn’t find it useful.

Enter the attention graph.

Again, Gary introduced me to the attention graph. Think about a typical day in your life 10 years ago. Likely you’d leave your house, grab a coffee and hit your commute. On the bus/train or in your car you’d smile at cleverly worded billboards, window signs and conventional marketing. Then came the internet as we know it today. Youtube took hold, Facebook became a second language and twitter was something only techies knew about. Slowly but surely, radio/tv/print advertising started looking peoples attention, where digital started taking over. I could write a whole article on this but suffice it to say today is a different beast altogether. Smartphones are being tucked under pillows at night, and referred to as a sickness in some circles where people just can’t level out the use of it. Marketing has shifts and before when budgets were simply not allocated to social, now they are an integral part of business. With that comes a constant evaluation of where peoples eyes are glued. Is it the Facebook feed?, is ripping through Instagram photos or the twitter stream? Either way here’s the attention graph as I see it today(where consumers eyes are mostly):

  1. Facebook(Just by the numbers it’s a beast)
  2. Instagram (Less of a user base but the visual content is so easy to consume that it’s ruling the digital airwaves
  3. Twitter:(As Gary would say it’s the open cafeteria of networks. You can choose to sit down at any table and engage. It’s great for 1 on 1 engagement and being part of a community/cause/topic discussion)

Enter Snapchat

I get it now. I see the light. Gary went on a tirade in Jan 2016 and got me on board. I signed up and started using it daily and I can see what he saw years ago. Taking a step back and using my Real Estate Brokerage (shameless plug : theclosers.ca) We’ve been doing video for a while. We get asked on a regular basis what the secret to our success is and tell people it don’t worry too much about production value. Yes when we shoot properties and market them we get the pro’s. For sure take care of your clients to the best degree you can. But the content we post directly from us is shot on the fly with usually an iphone, laptop or gopro. No editing, no lighting. The raw videos have led to literally millions in sales through instagram/facebook and has generated a ton of business via twitter. People who have connected and done business with us have mentioned it was because it felt like they were there, not that is was a stale slideshow or typical real estate video.

And this is why Snapchat will win.

Of all the social networks it’s the most REAL. Add us (@theClosersteam) and you’ll see what our life’s really like. No filter, no staging. It’s small clips that disappear after time that give you a true glimpse into our world. Most other networks rely on “likes” “hearts” and other forms of external approval to make you feel good. Personally, I think people are getting sick of this. People are starting to care more about how genuine an engagement is rather than 1000 likes. Again, this is why snapchat will win. I’ve connected more with people loving life and giving us props and it feels like it’s coming from amore GENUINE place. Yes you can check your stats to see how many people watched your clip but honestly i can count on two hand how often I’ver done that and I don’t care. I care about connecting with buddies like Nev’s that I haven’t seen in forever and having a laugh. I care about Mike Vacanti motivating me to be my best and giving a damn about his engagements. I care about Gary Vaynerchuk who responds to THOUSANDS of his peeps directly. Bucky Beeman who I feel I can call a friend. Bucky’s a commercial realtor thousands of miles from me but it feels like his office is across the street. I can go on and on from celebrities to friends but I think you get the point.

I’m not taking credit for calling the win of Snapchat in 2016- that’s all Gary. What I am trying to do is give the perspective of a guy in the trenches. Take from this article what you will, and if you have a differing opinion that’s totally your right. But download the app, add us and let us know why we’re wrong. It might just have the opposite effect.

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