Why do people have a hard time forgiving themselves? What does it mean when people are unwilling to forgive themselves?

At the highest level, it means they’re more committed to being right about their story than they are to being happy and living in the present. As humans, we like to punish ourselves. We’re great at it. The more a person punishes him or herself and suffering becomes the new normal, the easier it is to suffer and continuing suffering. It becomes someone’s identity and a constant presence in their life. To let go of that constant and be free terrifies people. Subconsciously, of course. Ask anyone and they’d say they want to be free from self-criticism, self-punishment, guilt, etc. But, the thing is, they know who they are when they hold onto those things and have held onto them for a long time. To let go would be stepping into the unknown. …


Jake Fishbein

Writer. Coach. Dude of Disruption. All about discovery, seeking greater understanding, and making it to Ithaca…wherever Ithaca may be. www.jakefishbein.com

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