Andela Bootcamp Home Session Day 3

I code all day and in my dreams i see myself thinking about codes. This is pretty much how my day has been since the boot-camp has begun. You get to learn in days what others take years to learn. It is a fast paced program and only the fittest gets to become Andela Fellows.

“First solve the problem, Then, write the code — John Johnson”

The first algorithm challenge today was called the Missing Number Lab. This could quickly send you off the wrong path if you don’t properly analyze the problem and read the test cases. In the end, the implementation was easier than i thought.

“Sometimes i wonder if this tests were deliberately written to make sure you don’t pass”

This was exactly how i felt tackling the Binary Search Lab. At first, the problem seemed insurmountable. I kept persisting and eventually i got it.

The last challenge was about creating a clone of a simple user interface using HTML and CSS. I opted to create a clone of the popular google search engine called wiki-search.

Bootstrap really gives you wings. I only got to appreciate this fact trying to build the wiki-search page with HTML and CSS only.

The boot-camp has been very challenging and fun.

Happiness is truly coding all day.

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