Excuse Me While I Kiss the SKY

Are ya feeling me? I feel like I’m squished into some psychedelic Jimi Hendrix version of Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower song lately. Everyone is squabbling over the use of words. I know what. If we gripe too much maybe they can take away our freedoms one by one. Does anyone even know what our Bill of Rights are anymore or why they were made?

Everyone has been talking about making money with online courses. I couldn’t figure out what I could teach that no one else already knew and suddenly, a bolt of lightning hit my little thinker, and it came to one word: HISTORY.

I wanted to bring undiscovered jewels, previously known as the written word, into the sunlight. It would be like a female version of Stephen Colbert with some satire and irony. It’s actually something I do well because I already write in that vein. I believe I would charge the same amount as a cup of java or a magic bite coin but it would be non-biased, nonplussed, without comment or criticism.

Is it possible that I could do this? My mind was so narrow when I was younger but now I am more clear-headed. I am a great listener. I stopped talking and trying to get ahead of whatever the other person was speaking at the time
. Stay tuned. I have a vision. It’s all good though. I want to bring us back to “Freedom,” one of my favorite songs from Woodstock by Richie Havens.
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