The End of Empathy
Stephanie Wittels Wachs

There are still those who have empathy. I belong to the Royal Society and I’m a contributor for the Simple Reminders Network. Bryant McGill and his life partner, Jenni Young, can attest to this, as they are co-founders. Don’t lost heart. I agree there are some unreasonable, unfathomable, heartless humans in this world but there always have been. The difference is that before, they had to hide, and now, they feel unabashedly shameless. Why? Because we have let our guard down. We were too busy fighting the far right and all the extremists. We forgot how to be human and care for another human being, regardless of what our expectations were. We forgot how to accept people as they are and love them for that. I will apologize to you for them because you deserve that and so much more. Just rest assured there are people who are still empathetic and we are trying to make a difference. By the way, Bryant and Jenni live in Austin. They are Texans like us. I would stand on the steps of the Texas Legislature with you as I have a beef of my own. I am a 3rd time Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma patient who just got the green light that I’m in remission again. I am a patient at MD Anderson, Houston. I can’t get any insurance because I do not make enough money and I’m in a Medicaid Loophole. They wouldn’t go with the extra money allotted to them to expand because that would be ObamaCare right? ❤

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