3 Colorful Ways to Inspire Exuberance, Magic and Love So You Get More Out of Your Life

I get a lot of action online from newly released books to fun videos I watch on YouTube. Including love notes from raving fans that spontaneously combust with joy when I go live on Facebook.

Yes. It’s a life of love and luxury.

But keeping these inspirations all to myself wouldn’t be so nice.

It’s borderline hoarder if you ask me!

That’s why I’m donating my treasured finds to you today so you and your soon-to-be perky business and life can feel radiant and charmed by our beautiful world.

All it takes is a few right steps to pamper and relaxation!

Ritual bathing

A practice I do when I want to attract self-love, beauty and instant inspiration from the Divine. This DYI bath bomb tutorial made me feel supercharged and ready to take my bathing routine to a whole new spiritual level. Herbal blends for inspiring more passion, self-worth, and intuition. I’ll take 200!

Quote of the day

Reading inspirational words makes me feel fully aligned. Here’s one I absolutely adore by Sandi Thom. She’ll make you feel like an earthquake.

Reading Medium Everyday

I am fairly new to the scene. And loving all the articles and inspiration right here! This is my favorite article so far that you should read. It’s magical!

And there you have it baby!

All exuberant.

All light.

And all colorful.

Until next time, love light and color!

In case we haven’t officially met…

I’m the world leader in color therapy for blazing artists and fearless queers from anywhere in the world that desire to live openly, proudly and mindfully. My work has been featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine and dubbed an”Angel of Light” by American life and business coach, Marie Forleo. I offer inspirational therapeutic readings with my color card deck, The Color Mage Oracle and love being an advocate for LGBT youth. Take my free color personality quiz to learn what your color power is at www.thecolormage.com. And stalk me on Twitter & FB.