We are the most immoral people of all time.

We will probably go down as the most immoral people of all time. Maybe the 20th century was the greater evil, and now the lesser, but still.

Every day the loss is so extreme, all this opportunity cost. Even the people who grasped some parts of the issue at hand, and those of us that were closer to a more comprehensive grasp, probably — no, definitely — did not do enough. we just sat around enjoying our lives, when we should have done everything possible at all costs.

There’s a special type of hell for all of us, we won’t have the amatuer hour historians forever, and then they will do a proper moral accounting, and our sins will be recorded for eternity. Our damnation will still not be the proper amount of suffering we deserved.

I know I at least I comprehend and intuit the gravity of the issue, as I seem to perceive my society/the world commons as my property, as I get emotional as I perceive the world crumbling*.

* emotions being responses to changes in state(property/resources), so at least I know my brain is getting at least some of this right.

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