Wikipedia Californians

People who moved here because of what Paul Graham, YC, or any VC/Angel fund described California as, people who believe news stories too much as opposed to the dimensionality of what it actually is. Any descriptions that overemphasize cosmopolitanism or any fictional adoption of stereotypical attitudes/descriptions of versimillitude as opposed to full replication.

White people from the Bay Area for example are extraordinarily unique and fun, they get along with every one and sort of have a natural charisma to them, unless they’re so nerdy that no one can stand them, they stand out completely from any other set of white people, for example I was born in the South Bay and I’ve lived here my entire life, people from here often can hardly describe the characteristics of people from any other part of their city, nevermind the Bay Area, yet we have people moving here to work in the technology industry that strike it rich and then go on putting & Selling the wikipedia version of Bay Area life and then only propogating those values, when they’re essentially foreigners, Zuckerburg, All YC front ppl, every one except Marc Andreesan and Ben Horrowitz && We’ll draft Peter Thiel too.

It’s really strange because the white people that make our leadership because of the way status is distributed in market societies, ie from extremes and not means, are like a foreign elite that were installed here, however the locals are not wise enough to realize this, if we had done this correctly as opposed to Paul Graham literally installing a foreign elite we could have had naturally generated leaders as in Chavez that would have fixed all the issues immediately important to us, such as housing, some ethnicities have too many advantages, locals being displaced, no district zoning for the tech community.

Essentially the same old story everywhere else, the locals did not have the positive eugenic environment of medieval europe like the English had and did not evolve to man industry, so we are left out of being able to participate at the tails and constantly have to had foreign white people come in, as in Anglo-Saxons(and not say Dutch/German) rise to the top because of the way status is distributed, remember there’s a reason they hit the industrial revolution first, and then the same old story, commercial excellence and social absolute foolishness, they install a foreign elite and fuck every one else over with shitty social policies and since they installed a bunch of weak nerds as our leaders that have the wikipedia version of our desires but not our flaws/what we dislike, or even what we like they never actually accomplish what we want and we never even got to have a say. The only way we can deal with them, realistically, is to kill them/intimidate them as we outnumber them greatly and say set their homes on fire so they learn.

We already know basic stuff like trying to manufactre tail events but YC && Paul Graham’s ass forgot to find out what negative tail events are, and I don’t mean market crashes, who is generally responsible, as in what % and how powerful it is, and also how you can cause an empire to collapse via a series of opportunities missed and not dealing with the complete degeneration of social life.

The worst part is the bad white people outnumber the hella cool white people, Germans, Dutch, Boers, i’d take em any day over our Anglo-Saxon upperclass, but the worst part is our leaders like Peter Thiel hang out with the enemy!

You can’t achieve a golden age with a bunch of annoying nerds, they’re not even forced to integrate. If you don’t think that this is an issue wait till you achieve a critical mass of wikipedia Californians or wikipedia Bay Area types, then once you see the difference between old and new it will just be some sick and gross low dimensional copy, there’s no other place really like this afaik and the people here have no idea how unique they are but they are also not imaginative enough to visualize the difference once these people are too entrenched and realize what they’ve lost and how much they like it.

afaik the main cause of social friction is not race, it’s the signaling difference between sets of different cultural signals, so I know that once it is a critical mass their will certainly be an us vs them vibe and then they will really hate it. Unfortunately with us we have poser girls here who will act like they’re better than us if we say what we like is the way we have it now, girls always have had their legs open to invaders, just follow my lead, here say it loud, if some bitch acts too good for you and advocates for the enemy, she’s a god damn slut, and she cheated on her boyfriend too.

edit1: It’s like people who’ve heard of Confucius moving to china and when the locals say “Oh are you from here?” and you say “Ah yes, Confucius and Daoism, ah yes”. WTF.

No one will care after the tech community is dealt with and property values are that much lower and we get more clubs, day clubs, night clubs, we get a 4am last call, much cheaper rent, hella more bookstores, philosophy discussion, more commerical experimentation which requires low property values && afaik low property values are convex w/ a capped out downside*. We get hella new restaurants and theres so much to do, right now the South Bay is just kids that go to shows, rave, go to DnB’s, drink at their homies house and kick it in parking lots. WTF We’re a very rich metropolitan area, we’re going to have an enormous amount of post-industrial wealth but no golden age, no golden age ever required running the limiting operation on Start Ups, and no one anywhere whats a critical mass of nerds. Shit’s hella gay.

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