How to make a zine

How do you make a zine? Well, there is no right or wrong way. You kind of just need to jump in there and have a go. The following is by no means an instructional guide, just some tips that you can either follow or completely ignore.

I have made zines on both a computer and on paper. If you go with a computer, all you need is a word processor. The first thing you want to do is change your page orientation to landscape and make it into two columns.

Whether you make your zine on a computer or on paper, you want to keep track of your page order. I have included a diagram below. Inevitably, you’re going to confuse this at some point or it’s going to print upside down or the wrong way round. It’s okay. Just do it again.

There is a myth that you need to be able to draw to make a zine. I thought this too for a while. You don’t! My first two zines both use clip art to illustrate. Check out and go exploring. There’s plenty out there.

Some handy tools to have in your arsenal:
-cutting mat
-pencil (and sharpener)
-glue stick
-access to a photocopier and/or scanner

When making zines you’re the author, editor, and publisher so you don’t need to follow anyone’s rules. If you like it, do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to exist. All you need is a piece of paper and an idea.

If you prefer, you can download this blog as a zine!

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