the risk of silence

There have been a few people that when I’ve told them I’m studying to be a Librarian have informed me of bad experiences with being shushed by their school librarians as a kid. I am hopeful that the stereotype of the Shushing Librarian is one we are shaking off, because not only should we be speaking up but we should be encouraging others to as well.

It was hard to come up with what to write for this month’s #GLAMBlogClub of ‘silence’ because I don’t feel like I’m often silenced. I experience gender inequality like all women do, but I am not discriminated against by my race, sexuality, or gender expression. Often I hesitate speaking up because these are the voices we should be promoting and bringing to the forefront.

I started GLAMR & Gender to have more conversations that we weren’t having, about social issues and libraries, and ensure we weren’t staying silent as professionals in these industries. But I also wanted to hear from people we don’t often here from and about their experiences. I can shout about issues I’m passionate about all I want, but my view is going to be very limited if I’m the only voice I’m taking in. We are very blessed in the GLAMR industry and with #GLAMBlogClub that so many voices are out there being promoted and I can broaden my views and knowledge. The very essence of #GLAMBlogClub is that we don’t stay silent. We speak up.

So I’m not staying silent this month and neither should you. And if you have an issue or experience you’d like to talk about for GLAMR & Gender, please get in touch with me because I’d love to hear from you. I’ll keep looking for more opportunities to be loud about the issues I care about both in my work in libraries and as a human.