Summary of My 2015

It’s too late writing such post though, but picturing one past year has not been done reflectively by far. Therefore, I still need to post this trash anyway lol.. I can mention several highlights herein.

  1. Helping my acquaintance to reach her midwife so she could deliver her baby there with so much blessed and happiness (I was locked there in the delivery room witnessing her giving birth her pretty baby)
  2. Interesting in more variable genre in terms of books and musics (I love history and literature more and more like crazy and hope I can watch a great indie concert someday)
  3. Project in strengthening Indonesian students’ mathematical logic (If I’m not mistaken, I need to involve here until 2017)
  4. Master graduation (It was a month late though, but I was satisfyingly happy for my hard work)
  5. Project on formulating epoxyresin containing low chlorine (I can say that I’m just an outsourcing formulator here, but I don’t think I can miss this chance because this was one of my dreamt topic that I couldn’t do when I deal with my thesis project, but after graduation life instead)
  6. Project on epoxidation of CPO derivatives (This is also my dreamt topic when I still had my student number, but it was not affordable due to many limitation in my lab. However, the chance surprisingly came two years later)
  7. Poster prize on my very first international conference in computational and theoritical chemistry (Many disturbing situations formerly happened that get me mad to no one, but it was sweet at the end lol..)
  8. Taking IELTS test (the result will be available tomorrow though and it gets me so nervous)

Even though some plans were not going smoothly that I need more effort to achieve now in 2016, I am thankfully blessed living surrounded by great people and hard situation. If you ask me what is the best of the best achievement in my quarter life, there is no doubt that number 6 above is the answer because I proposed an idea that was not affordable at the first two years, but then it showed a good news that can help my best teacher to have one of his expensive dreamt chemical instrument. I’m not sure whether such answer can promote me to win a recruitment selection, but I have been learning that helping and sharing gets me happier and relieved :)

Have a blast blessed life ahead for the next coming years :)