DDCA Fiasco & FM’s Degree of Involvement

DDCA (Delhi and District Cricket Association) is a governing body of Cricket activities in Union Territory Delhi. It is also affiliated to BCCI.

DDCA Scam subsumes numerous allegations, where Mr.Arun Jaitely,our current Finance Minister, was President of Association for 13 years. Few of allegations against misappropriation of funds under DDCA Scam are as follows :

1. Reconstruction of the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium :-

Reconstruction was carried out between 2002–07, which saw an escalation of Rs.90 crores. But factually, it was of Rs.21 crores, so project cost was set up at Rs114 crores. Out of 90 crores, 87 crores were paid to 15 fake companies. The crux of DDCA Scam is 57 crores, out of 114 crores, which is unaccounted money.

2. Numerous Entrepreneurs were Office bearers of DDCA :-

It has been claimed that, the Entrepreneurs to whom contract were assigned were Employees of DDCA in reality.

3. Numerous companies were paid for doing the same work twice & again.

4. Few companies had same Mailing, Email Address & even owner was same.

5. AAP Party’s Allegation :-

AAP’s, Mr.Ashutosh has quoted a letter from Former cricketer, Mr. Kirti Azad.

The letter subsumes : Illegal corporate boxes were constructed & subleased to 10 corporate houses. A company close to Arun Jaitley’s family was tasked to sublease these boxes for 10 years at Rs.36 crores for which 5.4 crores commission was paid to the said company.

Overall the allegations are pretty serious & as we know that such allegations and claims has to be backed up by strong evidences. AAP has probed a committee headed by former Solicitor General, Mr. Gopal Subramanium.The Report confirms several instances of wrongdoing but does not fix responsibility.

P.S: I do not rubbish the charges of Delhi’s CM, but above all, my views are completely personal. No offences meant.

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