Balancing Creativity and Usability
Boris Müller

Bravo. I like others read your first article. Without much time to read…this was definitely a topic I related to immediately. I have suffered trying to express to my developers — “I want something that doesn’t look like that!” (the same as everyone else) — something that expresses me — even however slightly.

While I truly understand the usability argument, there must be some balance in just churning out content without any visual enticement and excitability. I recall one of my earlier developers (and very dear friends) saying she desired a “web with form”. She is HIGHLY creative. However, she has relegated her “creativity” to “beautiful code”…which in fact is “another” thing.

I think “age” has something to do with those of us on this side of life” recognize that you don’t want to miss the forest for the trees. With the functionalities that are available to designers now — I long to find one that whets my creative whimsical side AND my budget.

Until then…I guess I will “hack” away and try to make the WP do what I know it won’t.