The Merkin Wearing One

Having never been a supporter of any politician that sports a merkin on his noddle, my non-support for Donald Trump is hardly surprising. And having watched the Republican convention last week, I’m left with the hope that enough right-minded Americans, sane Americans, reasonable Americans, will, at last, realize how annoying that damnable ‘USA USA’ chant is to the rest of the world.

Now that, The Donald, has employed it, will those who do not support him, and there are many on both side of the house, be equally turned off by this obnoxious war cry? Then, hopefully, we’ll see the demise of those three innocent little letters being strung together and repeated over and over in a deep guttural mantra that is repulsive to so many non-Americans. Surely, the chant does more harm to America’s worldwide reputation, than it does good rallying the nation.

There is just something so offensive about the way rowdy, baseball cap bedecked Yanks (some of them my friends) pump their fists and warble it. It typifies the arrogance that some have adopted when referencing their standing on this planet. It reeks of a superiority complex more befitting a Roman amphitheater, with a baying crowd trying to please a deranged Emperor, encouraging him to slay his helpless victims.

Oh, I know, little Englander that I am, that our own chorus of Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land in itself is equally annoying and gives rise to images of hooliganism under the guise of the Union Flag, but it is, after all, a terrace chant of football fans and sung in stadia to urge players in the heat of the game, we do not sing it at political rallies or as we’re lead erroneously into international conflict against smaller nations. And it certainly does not have the overconfident conceit the ‘USA USA’ chant has attached to it.

While mentioning the merkin wearing one, it is worth saying that, recently, I’ve entered into numerous, let’s call them spats, with my many American friends, over the Brexit vote. My argument with these pals from across the pond is that they don’t understand what’s going on here in good old Blighty, (but then, let’s be honest, who does?) Their constant email bombardment of snapshot references, cut and pasted from bias articles telling me the door to oblivion is marked EU Exit, has become intolerable. My argument has always been, let’s wait and see, after all, no one can predict with pinpoint accuracy what will occur. No one can actually predict with massive broad brush stroke inaccuracy what will occur, so when, as happened recently, an American buddy tried to warn me with absolute certainty, that we are all going to hell in a handcart, quoting such notable brilliance as Labour MP David Lammy as proof, then I had to draw the line… and, I took myself off to a state of splendid isolation, a state, by-the-way, that many from outside the UK believe, mistakenly, that we as a country have also put ourselves.

Sound-bite politics and prejudiced journalism has become the scourge of the world. It allows supporters of any contention to pick up on any spewed unsubstantiated reference that suits their raison d’être and with the help of social media, lets them repeat it at infinitum, thus perpetuating the slanted argument even further. Most fair-minded people realize that news reporting has become the journalism of spite that hankers after and panders only to one viewpoint, totally ignoring the flip side of any argument. Few media outlets produce balanced, factual reporting these days; we live in a world where the media creates the news to report the news it created. All reporters should have an obligation to reveal their political leanings in their by-line, this way at least giving the reader a fair chance to recognize truth from fiction, but that’s a whole nother blog.

So, now, here I am, debating the relevance of Trump and much as my friends trespassed on British politics with little knowledge and big opinions, I now find the reverse to be the case with my own concerns about the race for the White House. Although, in my defense I believe there to be a difference that is not so subtle. Apart from a project fear quote that warned, leaving the EU could trigger world War 3, for the most part, so far, the worst thing I see happening living outside the EU comfort zone, is the price of a Volkswagen going up, “Oh woe is me, I’ll buy a Ford.” Whereas my interest in who becomes the next incumbent of the White House, carries with it a much deeper trepidation, because if Trump does get the vote, then this gun totting, fear spreading, egotistical, chauvinistic, buffoon IS capable of starting World War 3. And yes, that was a capitalized IS, because, without him even realizing that he had pressed the button or had incited other nations so much that he had no alternative but to press the button, a nuclear warhead could well be launched. Then, of course, as millions face dying, Trump, as politicians often do, will wash his hands of any blame, organize a photo-op with his family visiting a local church, citing God as the witness to his innocence, before scurrying off to his luxury bunker leaving the rest of us to face the fallout — pun intended.

Neither a Democrat nor a Republican nay I be — but come on people of America, do not vote for this man! I know the alternative isn’t very attractive, again, pun intended, but this is the guy who wants to spend millions building a wall along the Mexican border. As if Mexicans are the enemy? Mexicans? The lubricant that greases the West Coast’s cogs… Without them, Los Angeles would grind to a hideous halt.

Surely, Trump could take a hint from history; Hadrian’s Wall was a mere seventy-three miles long, but it took 15,000 men to defend that and to this day, Scots still pour over it. If a wall was such a good idea, for no other reason than keeping out Miss, ‘Alba Gu Brath’ Sturgeon, and putting a halt to her infernal independence spouting from any available soapbox, don’t you think the English would have kept up its maintenance?

Why does Trump think a wall is a good idea? Does his son own a brick company? Has anyone checked? It’s the type of abuse of power The Donald won’t see as misplaced. The wall, will not work, people climb over walls, dig under them, in some cases, drive through them. They’ll be an increase in the number of Mexican’s trying out for the Olympic pole vault team, mark my words.

So, I beg you, please America, I know I shouldn’t be interfering with your problems, but Trump is a worldwide problem, we are all invested in his lamentable credentials to be leader of one of the world’s superpowers…. the man is an unmentionable part of a female anatomy, but then I suppose, that is why he wears a merkin on his head.