Things I’m excited for in 2018 — Movies, events, and more

The 2018 midterms

This will come as a shock to absolutely no one, but I am a political person with a deep interest in government.

I’ve been endorsing different candidates throughout the beginning of the election season, and I’m ready to see red turn blue this November.

If you want to see a short list of Democratic congressional candidates who are worth a follow, see my tweet here.

(And it got me a like and follow from Dan Canon, who’s running for Congress in Indiana!)

Man Made Documentary (2018)

Man Made is something I have been genuinely excited about for months.

This documentary (which is directed by one of my favorite authors, T Cooper) follows a number of transgender men in the bodybuilding world. It goes in-depth with the daily struggles these men face to gain acceptance in a judgmental world, and to pass as the men they are.

You can watch the trailer here, and see the website here.

Dumplin’ (2018)

This is also something I’ve been very excited for.

This movie — based on the bestselling novel by Julie Murphy — follows Willowdean “Dumplin’” Dickson, a self-proclaimed “fat girl” in her quest to seduce her crush, a private-school jock named Bo. In order to do this, she follows her roots to run in a beauty pageant.

Including familiar media names like Dove Cameron, Ginger Minj, and (my favorite) Bex Taylor-Klaus, this movie shaping up to be, as I’ve heard from various articles and news outlets, one of my favorites of 2018, and maybe all time.

The Unnamed Fourth Changers Book (2018)

The Changers series follows a teenager throughout their four “metamorphoses” of sorts in high school. Initially “Ethan” before high school, the protagonist becomes “Drew” in the first book.

Without spoiling too much, this series is a must-read. Written by T Cooper (the same director of Man Made) and Allison Glock-Cooper, the explorations this series takes into anxiety, depression, eating disorders, gender identity, sexual orientation, and trauma are something you really should read.

Rhea Butcher’s “Close to Home” Tour

Rhea Butcher is one of my absolute favorite stand-up comics, and she’s doing a tour this spring.

While she is only touring the east/midwest, it’s very likely she could be coming to a comedy basement near you. See the locations and dates here.

Rhea Butcher is one of my favorites not only for her relatable comedy and our shared love of baseball, but because of her outspoken political opinions which have never failed to inspire me throughout my adolescence.

If it weren’t 10:22 on New Year’s Eve, I’d have a much more coherent explanation about why Rhea Butcher is so fantastic. You can Google her comedy any time, with many videos of her routines readily available on YouTube. But, I’ll leave you with this: if you ever get the opportunity to see Rhea Butcher live, do so. You won’t regret it.