The Time is Now

Every day I have conversations with some great people. Some who are seeking to grow their business, others who are aspiring to began their entrepreneurial path in life. All of these individuals seem to be well-educated, highly motivated and yet sincerely intrigued at how I went about starting my first business at the age of 15 years old. “With such little education, how did you decide to open a business?” is one of the questions that are asked of me regularly. Let me begin by explaining here, the key is not all about learning how to form a business structure it’s more importantly about knowing how to take action, right now.

It is without argument that our society is expanding and things are becoming more and more on-demand each and every day. Yet as we move in this direction of this increase productivity and endless sources of knowledge, I fear not enough great people are taking the action for themselves and their businesses at the right time. Too many people have been conditioned to believe they must study a particular subject for a certain amount of time before they are qualified to actually form their ideas into a business. They study countless hours and produce little to no work to display their knowledge in their field and sadly they allow time to slip right past their faces. These people are caught up in the idea that they must hold off until they “are ready!”. Sadly, they are only setting themselves back each and every day.

The time to act is now! We as people learn best when we put our knowledge and skills to use. So I implore every reader to not only soak up the knowledge in your field but to take the best course life has t offer you and begin to take action today. This is how I started my first business, a martial arts school at just 15 years old. I understood my passion and recognized that I could study this subject for the next 5+ years or I could live out my dream by taking action today. Once you begin to take action and put your best foot forward you will realize an endless amount of influences, supporters, and networking opportunities that will accelerate all your efforts even more. These are the opportunities that are waiting for you and it doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are, without action these resources are will never be available to you. The time is now and its time for you to take action today.

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Stay Great!



K’waun Conquest is an American entrepreneur, author, speaker, motivator, and online grassroots & network marketing training expert. Conquest is a respected, highly regarded master of life, martial arts expert, and salesperson whose passion it is to help passionate people succeed. Conquest helps to teach people how to sell themselves, their products and services regardless of economic climate. Conquest attributes to spreading his experiences, knowledge and lessons throughout every avenue to reach people who are looking to succeed. His programs, shows, webinars, courses, and events provide people of all professional backgrounds with practical tools necessary to build their own economies towards the path of financial freedom, fulfillment and success.

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