There is something on your mind that you really want to get done. A task you have been telling yourself for days, weeks, even months “I’m going to start this… tomorrow.” Then tomorrow always comes and yet you’re still putting it off. Immediately you begin to think you have an issue with procrastination. Well, I’m here to tell you that while you may be procrastinating this is not the root of your issue at all it is just the result of what is truly going on. What’s happening in your life is you have your focus on the wrong thing. That’s right! You’re focusing on the hurdle, which is appearing too large to jump instead of focusing on the finish line and just leaping through the course.

You see when we decide to take on a new task we immediately analyze all that it takes to accomplish the job. We have been programmed this way to plan things out and to make sure everything is scheduled and we know the fine details of what it will take to make this new challenge , task, opportunity, or commitment a reality. From the time we learned “time-management” in school or from our family we have been brainwashed to believe that we should never take action into something without first thinking it through. In business the first question most ask an aspiring entrepreneur is “well did you make a business plan?” This is simply the wrong approach to accomplishing a big task, life changing habits, and to have real progression at anything. While planning things out certainly has its place it is not the driving force you need to succeed.

I know a ton of multi-millionaires and business owners who have never made a single business plan, instead took immediate and massive action towards the direction of their vision and goal. Look at what it takes to succeed in sports. An athletic track champion doesn’t plan out each step or memorizes how much energy is needed to jump a certain amount of hurdles to get through the stretch. He or she also doesn’t stop between hurdles to re-assess the situation. There are a simple vision and goal in mind. Get to the finish line first! This athlete decides on completing get’s to the starting line and takes off with massive energy, focus, and persistence to accomplish the mission and succeed. This is the mentality you need to accomplish all that you seek out in life.

I have grown multiple companies and have helped countless businesses and entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level through this method of visioning and goal setting. Life is unpredictable and instead of wasting precious time trying to write out a plan that will be obsolete by tomorrow which is why you continue to push things off because you have to re-group. I encourage you to build up the necessary skills, strategies and have a support system that will encourage and guide you to reach the targets you want to set for yourself, your life, family, and business.

I have designed a program to do just that and I know that with consistent training, and repetitious practice on the skill sets necessary like an athlete you will be on the right road to accomplishing all you set out to do and not tomorrow but today! To work with me on building a clear vision and setting real life-changing goals contact me at

You have what it takes, now I want to give you the tools and permission to take the right amount of action to see it come true.

Stay Great,

K’waun Conquest

“In life and business there will always be obstacles but we jump hurdles by focusing on the finish line not each individual hurdle.” K’waun Conquest

K’waun Conquest is an American entrepreneur, author, speaker, motivator, and online marketing & sales training expert. Conquest is a respected, highly regarded master of life, martial arts professional, and sales master whose passion it is to help passionate people succeed. Conquest helps to teach people how to sell themselves, their products and services regardless of economic climate. Conquest attributes to spreading his experiences, knowledge, and lessons throughout every avenue to reach people who are looking to succeed. His programs, shows, webinars, courses, and events provide people of all professional backgrounds with practical tools necessary to build their own economies towards the path of financial freedom, fulfillment, and success.

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