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TCF is Proud to be a Founding Member of the PMA

Leaders in the field of psychedelic medicine have joined forces to bridge the gap between the medical establishment, patients, and industry leaders by forming the Psychedelic Medicine Association (PMA).

As psychedelic medicines progress through clinical trial pathways, and legislation is amended, patients are starting to ask doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists about access to groundbreaking new treatments.

“We want physicians and other healthcare providers to feel comfortable discussing psychedelic medicines with their patients, as many of these therapies are significantly more effective than the current options,” said PMA president Dr. Lynn Marie Morski.

This dialogue presents a number of highly complex scenarios that medical professionals must attempt to navigate, from providing accurate, easily understood information to working through insurance and public health implications. …

Legal Use of Psilocybin in Canada for Palliative Therapy

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For the first time since the 1970s, Canada has approved the legal use of psilocybin to treat four palliative care patients under Section 56 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Over 100 days after their plea was first submitted, Health Minister Patty Hadju has granted these patients permission to use psilocybin to alleviate end-of-life distress. While a long road ahead remains, this decision by the Canadian government marks a monumental step forward towards establishing psilocybin therapy as a viable form of treatment for mental health conditions.

The application process was spearheaded by non-profit group TheraPsil, an alliance of healthcare workers, patients, and advocates that seek compassionate access to psychedelics for those suffering from terminal illnesses. Their support of these four patients was crucial to this long-awaited approval, which came as a welcome reward after months of effort. …

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The Leading Source for Psychedelic Careers

The Conscious Fund is excited to announce the launch of the first psychedelic industry job board. Even with a global downturn, the psychedelic medicine industry is booming and creating an entirely new range of exciting opportunities and career paths across roles in science, manufacturing, finance, operations, and professional services. However, despite this exciting growth, we noticed there was an information gap between professionals looking to enter the space and companies looking to access global talent. We decided to fix that.

We are committed to the development of the psychedelic medicine industry, so we have chosen to go beyond the typical VC “portfolio companies only” job board route and open up access to our site and connections to every company in the space — free of charge. This will be a place where companies can post job openings to attract top talent and where highly qualified candidates can find a consolidated list of opportunities to join this emerging industry. …


The Conscious Fund

The Conscious Fund invests in early stage ventures in plant-powered medicine.

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