How to Modify Reality with Matrix Energetics

What is Matrix Energetics?
I would like to begin by saying that full credit is due to Richard Bartlett. I’ve learned a great deal from studying his books. It’s difficult to define exactly what Matrix Energetics is but you can identify it by what it does.

It’s a modality. Magic is a modality. We are making stuff up.

Your perception are your parameters in reality. This defines what we’re able to experience each moment. If everything must make sense to you, there are a limited set of outcomes for you.

Open the binary code of reality, allow the zero and the one to exist simultaneously. Allow everything to make sense and not make sense all at once. Place your intent and let it go.

The universe knows exactly what to do next after you place your “order”. This is one small example of how you can use Matrix Energetics in your body. Notice how you feel now and then notice the difference.

For example, if you notice you have a backache… then notice something different about your back. Drop your consciousness from your mind into your heart and then let it go.

Go on about your day. You are not actually “fixing” anything. You’re acknowledging what you perceive and then changing your consciousness.

More on Matrix Energetics later this week…

The Conscious Lady