I Quit My Job Today.
sarah knight

I know this so very well. My husband had a job that was literally killing him, physically and hurting him emotionally.

It got to the point where I and his mom were both encouraging him to quit. For me, it was a very difficult choice. I was raised as you were: quitting a job garnered the scorn of the Dread Pirate Roberts.

Your faithfulness, madam, your enduring faithfulness….

In my experience, the Rubicon isn’t happiness, though. Happiness is somewhat fleeting and ill-defined. For us, that line was good health. Now, I am agreeing that it doesn’t mean specifically physical health, but a wholeness. If he could have had some return for his input, either satisfaction or other, more tangible return, the choice might have been slightly different. Then again it might not.

My point is that we’ve been there, and we understand. Thank you for the article and the freedom to take responsibility for the choice without guilt. It is a thing that adds to our own happiness.