Online V/S Offline Buy Mobile Accessories

Today’s fast moving commercial as well as personal world has resorted to wireless media of communication. The perfect example is mobile phone. From old fashioned landlines telephones to bulky wireless handsets till today’s sleek and fancy smart phone, this genre of communication has witnessed severe changes and updates since past 20 years.

These are gizmos for today’s generation. With all the latest features and allied accessories, mobile phones have become a part of everyone’s daily life. From stylish phone cases to trendy earphones to Lumee iPhone 7 cases are some of the newest mobile accessories.

Numerous brands have come up with their exclusive stores that sell mobiles and accessories with the latest features. Many retail outlets are also offering various brands of mobile and mobile accessories for sale. Over the last few years, online buying of mobiles and mobile accessories have acquired immense importance. Thus, there exists both online and offline forms of buying and selling of mobile phones. Both these sources are facing tremendous competition due to their clashing advantages and disadvantages. If we strictly compare these online and offline sources of buying mobile phones, we can sum up to the following points:-

Price — Offline shops and outlets generally charge the MRP (maximum retail price) printed on the pack of the mobile or mobile accessories. Whereas, online stores and web based portals offer great discounts mobile phones and accessories. In addition to this, season sale and other exclusive sale are conducted for the customers.

Return & Replacement Policy — Mobile phones and accessories once sold from the stores and outlets are not taken back for return. However, buyers can easily return phones and accessories purchased from there just by retaining the bill and box. But in both the cases, replacement is offered by both online and offline shopping zones if the product is falling under the warranty period.

Warranty feature — If any mobile phone or accessory is purchased online, the online outlet provides the warranty card with proper stamping. However, if one is purchasing from offline stores, he himself has to ensure that the store is giving him the warranty card properly stamped and signed.

Comparing all these special features of online and offline mobile outlets, one can likewise decide upon from where to buy mobile accessories and also latest mobile phones. Both the sources of purchase are bursting up with all types and brands of latest mobile phones and accessories.