Meet Origin Protocol : Empowering your business with sharing economy marketplaces

The Court
The Court
Feb 27, 2018 · 4 min read

What Origin Protocol is trying to solve?

  1. Centralized marketplaces
  2. High Commission fees %
  3. Lack of transparency
  4. Currency issues
  5. Society or government taxes
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Today’s marketplaces looks like this. Whatever they are horizontal (think Ebay or Amazon) or vertical (eg. Lyft, Airbnb), they are centralized.

Commission fees are frequently too high : here a perfect example.

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Your data is owned by those companies, each one are independent business : which brings us to sharing marketplaces.

You may had this idea to build the next Uber, Airbnb, or even a new Amazon : you just discovered blockchain but it is hard, we know that.

Wait, what if I tell you that Origin is the solution to build fast and reliable marketplace on blockchain ?

The project

A peer-to-peer decentralized marketplaces where early contributors will receive rewards.

Nowadays, marketplaces are holding monopolies on their domains having the right to impose variables fees on their services, because of intermediary services. And finding the right balance between the suppliers and service providers is difficult.

Here, Origin Protocol aims to be a set of protocols allowing to built on the blockchain decentralized marketplaces enabling the creation and the reservation of services and goods without traditional intermediaries. All those transactions will be done using the Ethereum blockchain. The individual sellers receives the direct financial values (no fees) and the financial and strategic value indirect are transferred (transparency).

Using liberty and collaboration, the participants will trade with one unique financial value, removing all currency issues.

In addition to the technical side, the project has a philosophy based on share and trust.

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How it works?

“The DApp is an open-source HTML and JavaScript application that connects and interacts with Ethereum network, and the indexing server of your choice.”

Here’s the core components — uses mainly smart contracts and IPFS

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Their principal library called Origin.js will provide an abstraction layer for developers who want to build Decentralized applications on Origin Protocol

The library will make it easy for sellers to do things like:

  • Create listings
  • Update listings
  • Delete listings
  • Validate listings

And buyers to:

  • Browse listing
  • Create bookings
  • Update bookings
  • Cancel bookings

You can find more details on


In the light of the projects in partnership Origin Protocol is supported by some partners very interesting, even innovative like CanYa which is a decentralized “marketplace of services” for the gig economy and freelance jobs, and Bee, a decentralizing short-term housing rentals with 0% commissions.

Here’s the latest partners on the list.

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The team

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Strong team with serial entrepreneurs CEO and CTO, you can see their records on Crunchbase.

Advisors are skilled and have several experience acquired in famous entreprises and venture capitals with successful exits

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We highlight two new advisors — We invite you to do your own research on them.

Important Links

Website :

Whitepaper :

Telegram :

Presale : March 2018 — Price : TBA — Hard cap : 30 M$

Our opinion

Origin Protocol is a great project with a valuable and working demo, partnership and hype are growing fast. Their team is solid and experienced. Combining a technology project and a philosophy is something they do very well.

The Court team has put a BULLISH score.

If you want more details : The Court

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