Procrastination: the art of stillness without transformation.

I tend to think of Procrastination in the form of a butterfly. It first starts off as a Caterpillar, than goes into hibernation in the form of a chrysalis. When it is ready to begin its new life the Caterpillar breaks down its new safe haven. It comes out a new, as a butterfly.

But what if it stayed there, it became too afraid to face the world beyond the one it knows. It thinks it knows what is out there, but is not sure how to handle it. So it stays inside the chrysalis as a caterpillar, producing the wrong kind of stillness: fear and anxiety.

In reality insects do not have to worry about this problem, they are bound by the rules of nature. Life set them a path and unless a natural disaster takes them out, they will reach it. Us humans are different, if we can’t swim we build a boat. If we cannot fly, we build a plane.

This is a great thing in a lot of ways as it shows that each and every one of us is unique. We each have ten fingers, two eyes, a nose, a mouth. a similar bone structure..but where we all differ is in how we think.

Thinking can be a great thing, for the above reasons I have mentioned. But there are also times when our thinking can become warped. We get stuck and build our own chrysalis. Yet as each year goes by, the chrysalis may look cooler and more may come in the form of a really nice car..or even a really nice house. We may even clean the cob web’s around it, take out the trash and weed the garden. But we still stay stuck inside those walls. That originality, that creativity, that intelligence is only there..lost in the void, with no one to share it with.

This is important in this day and age where everything moves so fast, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips. We can read books by some of the greatest minds. We can watch great films that were made by some of the greatest directors. We can read about the best and greatest of all walks of life..but without a plan of how each and every one of us can achieve this. That greatness is nothing but opening the curtains, and looking at the world from the chrysalis.

I too once thought that if I could obtain a wealth of knowledge about a subject. It would help me with what I was trying to achieve. Yet, by obtaining knowledge without a clear goal, a reason why I want to do things, it becomes meaningless.

I have said for years to myself that I want to become a writer. I want to express myself in the way that I know how to. Yet without putting any words on to paper, not writing anything, I became lost. I said to myself “I will find that magic sentence, that ounce of greatness, that something that will turn it all in to perfection”. As you can imagine, this deluded thinking just made me depressed and anxious. Until I realized, all I needed to do is ask for help. Talk to my friends and family. Then I just needed to grab that idea and put it out there…and a website!.

This is only the beginning of my journey outside the chrysalis and into the world. I must say it really is quite a exciting one.