7 Things Entrepreneurs Can Be Grateful For.

Today is World Gratitude Day and that got me reflecting and thinking about what entrepreneurs have to be thankful for that may resonate with others. I’m taking the opportunity to send out a message of gratitude to the universe hence included a personal element to this post. So here goes:

  1. Living their dream — Yes strange as it may sound many people go to their grave with unfullfilled dreams and aspirations. Not the entrepreneur, and definately not me. Whether we succeed or fail is in many ways irrelevant, the fact that we’re courageous enough to follow the dream sets us apart from the crowd. How do I know this? I often ask entrepreneurs, imagine you’re 96 on your death bed and your business venture didn’t succeed would you still do it now? The resounding answer is YES. It’s still the path they would have chosen. So they won’t be lying there asking What if? I sure as heck wouldn’t have been able to turn into a business the innovative lessons learned from 100 disruptive innovators around the world, many of whom were my heroes who became my friends.
  2. Work and play becomes one thing — Many entrepreneurs are pursuing their purpose and in doing so most of the time they don’t really feel like they’re working because it’s just so much fun. How do I know this? Because when people say what do you do for a living? You know the second question you usually get asked after your name. I play for a living, and in some ways kind of feel guilty about it, because it sure doesn’t feel like work, in many ways it what makes me live and not exist. Monday mornings are not a day I dread but more like WOW what am I gonna achieve this week. That’s why most entrepreneurs weekends don’t differ that much from their week, because it’s all fun isn’t it?
  3. Entrepreneurship = Exponential personal growth — OMG this is a massive one. Trust me I’ve seriously thought about this, I mean in the last 3 years the skills I’ve learnt and developed to be a designer, journalist, artist, creator, productivity manager, innovator, speaker, author and business woman to name but a few. When I think back to all these amazing entrepreneurial lessons, I fully appreciate that no other path could have given me the determination, grit and tenacity to the level I now have. Every entrepreneur I’ve met just reiterates this for me, and there’s been a few funny conversations on why it’s now so hard to work for someone else and what they can do now they never would have thought they could.
  4. Live by their rules — Other people’s rules just don’t seem to apply any more to entrepreneurs. They don’t pick the safe bet but take the path less travelled. And in doing so the more they trust their own intuition and instinct to guide them. Some even understand the way their body gives them that gut instinct code as Malcolm Gladwell explores in Blink. Mine is simple, if my heart skips a beat when I explore an idea it’s code for ‘follow this one.’ Do you know what yours is? Shout if you wanna explore it.
  5. Making their contribution to humanity — The more I learn from other entrepreneurs the more cemented the idea of business as a force for good becomes to me. For many entrepreneurs the idea that their business pushes humanity forward can be a driving force. Take Raven and Lily created to alleviate poverty among women in 3rd world countries or Afforestt bringing back native forests by creating them. For me it’s simply about setting the crazy free in people [innovating the innovators] and their companies because I believe pushing humans will for sure push humanity forward. I mean duh!!!
  6. Control their own destiny — Entrepreneurs are in charge of their life. They choose, when they work, how they work, with whom they work, so failure and success sits squarely on their shoulders. Whilst the rest of the world is dancing to someone else’s tune entrepreneurs listen to the beat of their own heart as a guide. Even the payrise they get or don’t get is determined by them and not someone else. For me at the moment this means I get to play [aka work] whilst staring over the mountains in Vancouver.
  7. Living courageously — Entrepreneurs are those humans that have an idea and actually act on it, and usually in the face of the vast majority of the world telling them they’re bound to fail [and mate afraid to say it but that includes close friends and family]. Courage is a biggy because it requires the ability to take that leap of faith that many are not prepared to take. Don’t know about you for me it always reminds me of that bit in Indiana Jones where well…
Only in the leap from the lion’s head will he prove his worth.

These are just the first few thoughts that came to mind, would be awesome to hear what you’re grateful for as an entrepreneur because I’m sure you’ve all got something to teach me. Anyway Happy World Gratitude day, and you know the research shows that grateful people are the happiest!!! Kerching.