My Thoughts on the NA LCS Summer Promotion Tournament

Hello readers. Since I enjoyed writing The Ember Manifesto so much, I’ve decided to continue writing my thoughts on everything in the League of Legends scene. Today’s post will be about the NA LCS Relegation matches, which ended earlier today. Hopefully you enjoy my thoughts and your opinions are always welcome.

Well look who’s back. In a series of matches that weren’t really that surprising, Renegades, Team Impulse, and Apex secured their spots in the NA LCS Summer Split. Now I for one was quite happy to see Dignitas finally get relegated since, let’s be honest, they haven’t been a good team since Season 3. Of course with the relegation of Dignitas comes the end to KiwiKid as a pro player (hopefully). Don’t get me wrong, KiwiKid seems like a nice, funny guy, but when it comes to playing League of Legends, there are few who could stay that bad for that long (so he has that going for him). He had his shining moments (like against Fusion in the Season 4 relegation tournament), but besides the rare good game he was probably the last person someone would’ve predicted to play in every LCS game up till now. So with the removal of Dignitas that meant that either TDK or Apex would fill their shoes as the worst team in the LCS. In the end Apex would beat TDK to secure their spot in the Summer Split (as long as they don’t get sold like Coast did, but they probably will). Now we get to see if Cris will continue his reputation of being a dominate top laner with one of the best win percentages in LCS history. Oh wait, I’m thinking of Huni. Then there’s Keane, who thinks that people telling him to not play weird champions is some sort of challenge. The rest of Apex is a pretty decent roster though, as long as Xpecial doesn’t play like his 2015 Summer Split self. So good luck to Apex; hopefully you don’t actually become the new Dignitas.

I will also be putting out my NA and EU LCS semi-final predictions before the games start tomorrow, so look out for that.