Nike Has NikeID, We Have Concept Kitchen

A lot of agencies out there, both big and small, don’t do the best job at showcasing and marketing themselves and what they can do, without the guidelines, the oversight, and the approvals. They hang their hats on the work that they have done or the names that they may have completed one off projects for, that produce the “Whoa,” factor.

Well, we, at The Creative Exchange, don’t abide by that same logic. We believe in letting our creativity lead us, trying things fast, breaking through boundaries and showcasing what we can do, ourselves.

Insert our new playground, aka creative content studio, Concept Kitchen.

A few months ago, while brainstorming who we, as an agency, wanted to become there was this looming vibe that we needed something off the wall that showcased who we were, how we thought, and what we could do (not only just for you but for us).

So, we did a little research and one of the things that immediately came to mind was the NikeID.

This concept is something Nike has done for years where they allow users to essentially build their own custom experience in the shoe design process. You can select from a wide variety of shoes and go crazy with things like material, color, and design.

We knew that we wanted to adopt something similar and we knew that we didn’t want to limit ourselves. So, any idea is open for discussion and any concept is worth exploring as long as it is something that advances our mission to stay creative.

Thus, Concept Kitchen was born — where we believe that creativity doesn’t need limits and where we are afforded opportunities to create concepts that, sometimes, clients are too reserved to try.

We’ve been planning the release of our first concept that will heavily involve the use of Instagram and our creative eye for visuals.

If you like “dope” content then our the launch of our first ever concept will be, quite literally, a trip you won’t want to miss.

Join us as we take off and break the limits off our creativity.