Desensitization of Empathy/Support

Globalization is a very popular word in this time of social shifts. These shifts have been brought forth by the regression of the immediate community and the progression of the global community. Contemporary relationships have been narrowed down to a check mark on some profile on some so called social network. We have many of such profiles on many of such social networks. I call it the compartmentalization of sudden lives. Sudden because we barely invest time into researching before committing to these communities; it’s often all about the bottom line — get me some darn followers. Compartmentalize because it often becomes the second lives within the lives we want to forget is actually real. Every community promises something different but really ends up been the same — gather enough users with the appeal of their alter egos and get acquired by some tech giant that does not want to be obsolete.

This is all well and good if it does not eat into the actual dynamics of human emotion and well-being. Within these global spheres are local spheres that are made of people with immediacy. Yes, immediacy — the notion of the now and what’s around you. People will like and retweet quotes of someone helping another in need but have never stepped foot to their local hunger shelters. It is like liking, hashtaging and retweeting absolves us of real actions. The hypocrisy is uncanny and despicable. I am sure the child at your local hunger center will take a square meal over 10 tweets about how you support and feel for the hungry kids in the world as the former has a lasting and life altering impact and the later is pure garbage that disappears from your immediate timeline after a few more tweets.

I am not a psychologist nor do I have knowledge of the human biology and chemistry but I do think we are becoming less empathic in our world views and more distant to immediacy. Seeing videos of people being brutally murdered splattered all over social media and hearing the words some life matters over and over again almost seems to get old and becomes the new norm. So the next time you tweet that quote, you kick back and tell yourself you did well today because you supported a course in the comfort of your sofa. If everyone that spent all those countless times tweeting and retweeting hashtags of the latest movement of the day or week diverted those times into writing petitions to bodies that actually make laws in your community upward to the federal, we would make actual progress rather than the facade we currently have.

Change begins from your corner not from an imaginary social network in the cloud and these pockets of corners become the immediate communities that then become the global communities. I fear we are eroding the idea of community and human connection. Is this the new norm? Is this how we evolve as a species? If the human IQ increases from generation to the next, then I sure hope our empathy/support quotient does the same else we loose our humanity and become a world full of strangers.