I was Sexually Assaulted by the Owner of 8chan: Here is My Story.
The Truth Will Come Out.

The man is forced to wear childrens’ pajamas because he’s so small due to that degenerative bone disorder you mentioned.

And you’re suggesting he… drugged you, somehow was able to take off your clothes (did he leap out of his wheelchair?), and then molested/assaulted you, all because he was pathologically jealous due to a Percocet addiction? And despite his bone disorder rendering him unable to use a keyboard, he could somehow throw things with enough force to make you fear for your life?

That’s a pretty fucking tall tale. Call me a misogynist for not believing you right away. But you’re gonna need a bit more concrete evidence than your word, especially when your word is nothing but “The Baby-Sized man did a series of implausible actions to me!”

#TheTruthWillOut indeed.

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