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What is a NFT?

NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are tokens that represent ownership of unique items. They allow users to tokenise nearly anything digital, this could range from art, real estate, a screenshot of a tweet etc. NFTs can only have one official owner at any time. NFTs are secured on their designated blockchain (Ethereum, Solana, Tezos etc) Nobody can modify or copy and paste a new NFT into existence due as they are all unique!

Here is a short video on this.

What platforms to use to buy NFTS?

There are many marketplaces to use to buy and sell NFTs, here is a list on which platforms you could use: — Opensea is the most popular marketplace, click here for a video on how to use it.

NFT to NFT trades can be done on these sites: (DO NOT trust people who want to trade over PMs)

Make sure you double check the URL before you connect your wallet!

Getting started is pretty straight forward on all marketplaces, you just connect your wallet and you should be good to go!

Keeping safe..

The whole cryptocurrency space is the wild west, If you get scammed or hacked there is no FCA or customer service here to save you so you need be extra careful with everything you do. There is NO REASON for anybody to be sending tokens/NFTs to ANYBODY over DMs. All business can be conducted on whichever marketplace you decide to use. If ANYBODY messages you claiming they can do anything for you if you click a link or send money they are trying to steal you funds! if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

Things you can do to ensure you are safe in the space:

  • Using a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor.
  • NEVER clicking random links sent in chats! you have to be so careful as scammers find new ways every day to steal your money!
  • Triple check EVERYTHING you do!
  • Only conduct sales through legitimate marketplaces like the ones linked above!
  • When you mint a new NFT on a website it is best to disconnect from that site after you are finished with it. To do this you Open Metamask extension>Account options (the three dots)>Connected sites>Click delete. Generally speaking most sites are built without malicious intent but you can never be too sure!
  • When buying a new collection of NFTs on a marketplace (Opensea for example) you have to make sure you are buying the right collection. Scammers often make a fake collection of hyped projects and they will put the price of a rare NFT so low that you will rush to buy, Once you buy you'll be stuck with a worthless NFT with no way of retrieving your money back. Opensea often verifies collections with a blue tick after some time, if there is no blue tick on the collection yet the best thing you can do is check the projects social media (Twitter, Website, Discord) and make sure the link you are clicking is the correct one
  • Fees on Ethereum can sometimes be unbearable during hyped project mints, there is a chance you attempt to mint a project with high gas and your transaction fails, If this happens you will not receive your NFT and you will still spend money on gas. Just make sure you double check how much gas is required to use at the time of mint ( is a good way) or avoid the mint process entirely and buy on the marketplace after. Here is a good video on gas fees regarding NFTs.




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