Ezekiel de Jong

Crypto Crew
May 2, 2018 · 2 min read

Known to many as a Crypto pioneer, Ezekiel de Jong is a self-made millionaire and the founder of Mt. Khalifa, a multi-award winning Cryptocurrency hedge fund and blockchain advisory and development team. Ezekiel adopted Bitcoin in 2012 and has gained massive success through perseverance and motivation. When asked about how he claimed his token to wealth, he responded with “when I made the decision to buy Bitcoin, I saw the future of currency and knew this was the key to a decentralized and free future.” Ezekiel has spoken at over fifty International Cryptocurrency conferences and is a highly demanded contract advisor for up and coming ICO’s.

Not only is Ezekiel hard working and extremely successful in his platform and company, this Australian wonder has one of the kindest hearts in the cryptocurrency world having donated massive amounts of money to charities including those of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Salvation army. Being the successful guy he is, Ezekiel is constantly busy with deals and managing his company, but that doesn’t stop him from taking the time out of his day to answering his DM’s on Twitter from thousands of people asking for help. Time after time, Ezekiel has given back to his community, but his greatest accomplishment is when Ezekiel paid for a young man’s hospital bill who was suffering from Stage 2 of Chronic Kidney disease. This act of kindness truly resonates what Ezekiel brings to the Crypto community.

In a space where scamming is the norm for many Crypto social media personalities, Ezekiel de Jong is anything, but the latter. Although, he makes crazy promises like everyone else in the crypto space, he always keeps his word. When he says he will help you make money, he isn’t lying. Just look at his cryptocurrency hedge fund Mt. Khalifa which has brought back returns of over 250% to hundreds of his clients. The Crypto community has many liars and scammers, but Ezekiel is just the light at the end of the tunnel that we need. Ezekiel has currently started his own charity blockchain to fix the problem with charities not giving all their donations to their intended audience. To show his commitment, he is giving away his Lamborghini Aventador and beach house in Australia to raise the funds for development. We’re sure you’ll be seeing his name everywhere soon as he has been requested to be on Oprah and the Ellen Show.

For more information, check out Ezekiel’s company website MtKhalifa.com whether you’re an early adopter of Bitcoin or a first time investor looking for help from a trustworthy face in the Crypto community.

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