Best Crypto Investment for 2017

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Feb 15, 2017 · 6 min read

Original article from February 2017 :

In this article you will learn about a crypto-currency that is expected to be one of best investments in 2017.
We are talking about Syscoin and its most important targets for 2017, such as the first version release of Blockmarket Desktop, Blockmarket Web, Microsoft partnership and more.

At the time of writing this article (Feb. 2017), the Syscoin development team has finished building the engine(Syscoin 2.1.3) behind the long awaited Blockmarket. The goal is to launch the new wallet in March 2017 and do a big marketing push for the first version of Blockmarket Desktop App, not just for crypto enthusiasts but also for those who never heard about the tech behind Bitcoin and the new possibilities it offers.

But what is “Blockmarket”? Think of it as a revolutionary decentralized Ebay where you can buy and sell with very low fees (so low that it doesn’t matter).
You can read more about it here :

As for the front end design, here are some mockups taken from the article above. The final version might look very similar :

A good looking front end is useless without a great core. Here is a short list with some of most important features that the developing team managed to pack in one of the latest releases :

Syscoin vs OpenBazaar?

You might think that there is already a platform that works similar to Ebay and it’s called OpenBazaar. Why would anyone even bother with Blockmarket? For one thing, OB is not blockchain based. It is a Peer-to-peer aplication like bittorrent.

Syscoin’s Blockmarket will be a web-based and downloadable application, useable on mobile, stand-alone or as a web-portal.
In order to get mass adoption, a downloadable app like OB cannot compare to the classic online shopping experience that Syscoin will deliver.

For a short comparison you can check this graphic even if it is a little outdated because Syscoin is now at V2.1.2 and has a lot more features :

Blockmarket is the first product that the team behind Syscoin will release and it will be packed with features. Also, being a web based product will help mass adoption, not like OB that forces you to download their app.
If everything goes well, this might turn out to be the biggest and most important release in crypto for 2017, with real usage.

Microsoft certification

Another very important goal for this quarter is the Microsoft Azure Certification. The dev team has certified the Syscoin core and is continuing to work with Microsoft to get the Syscoin Price Peg Server and Syscoin API certified on Microsoft Azure as a Service.
Why is this a big thing? We are talking about a partnership with Microsoft for a product to be sold on their platform (Microsoft Azure BaaS — ) and by realizing this challenge, Syscoin will be the largest suite of bitcoin-derived blockchain products certified by Microsoft.


Please be aware that the old roadmap was removed from this article.

Here is the new one :

It’s time to shine

Before the launch of Syscoin (Q3 2014), there was a presale ICO by Moolah (as a partner), which turned out to be a total scam for Syscoin. The project raised around 1,000BTC for development but the Sycoin Team only managed to access 250BTC which were used for price support. Moolah (Ryan Kennedy) absconded with the bulk of the ICO funds and the Syscoin team were left with ~30million Syscoin at a price around 400 satoshi. Even after this tragic event, the devs didn’t quit and continued to work on the project without stoping.
*The case against Moolah is still on-going. See the article from CoinDesk here : .

What is this detail telling us about the dev team? When most of the crypto projects are just scams and bring little to no innovation, they’ve proven that they are here to stay and continue to work despite their funds being stolen.
Now, with all this revolutionary tech and hard working devs, why hasn’t the project mooned yet? Well, mostly because since the birth of the project they were focused on developing instead of useless hyping like most vaporware coins out there.
In the end everyone knows that hard work pays off and at this moment the coin is preparing some great partnerships, product certifications by Microsoft and the launch of the first versions of Blockmarket Desktop and Blockmarket Web. There is nothing more an investor would ask for.

You can also check out this post from, where Syscoin is mentioned as one of best investments for 2017 :

In the end, think of this article just like if you had the luck to find out about Ebay before it was launched and became mainstream (with the chance to be a part of it as an early investor).

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