Let’s think back to the time when one of the most common arguments pro-Bitcoin adoption (or cryptocurrency in general) was “banking the unbanked”, because clearly something has gone awfully wrong since that time, and it’s almost as if this core and fundamental principle of cryptocurrency adoption has all but dissipated. Vanished into thin air.

Bitcoin ATMs in the west are a gimmick at most. Companies that set themselves up in developed nations are not reaching full potential, and here’s why…

Westerners already have access to traditional finance tools and services, which for most is the #1 on-ramp to accessing the…

If you’ve been active on any cryptocurrency-related social media platform, or for that matter, any cryptocurrency-related online platform, you will have heard people throwing the term ‘DeFi’ around. That is if you’ve been living anywhere that isn’t under a rock, or in a cave.

DeFi this DeFi that, DeFi everything!

DeFi is short for Decentralized Finance, but you’re not here to hear what you probably already assumed, so in reality, DeFi is an open alternative to financial services that are typically offered by banks. Want to take a loan? Ask the bank (or a loan shark, but you probably don’t want that heat). Want to open…

Lawrence Stoican is community manager and content producer at Iomob Technology Services.

We have quite a bit going on at Iomob these days with 2 pilots, our ongoing involvement in 2 accelerators and we just completed the demo day at Wayra UK as well.

Iomob has been in different stages with 3 different accelerators. The first we entered was Wayra UK/Transport Systems Catapult Intelligent Mobility accelerator which was a non-residency and non-equity accelerator focused mostly on encouraging Proof of Concepts (PoCs) with their transport partners. Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. CEO IoMob was present to give our final pitch there at Wayra…

BlockShow LongHash Open Day — Featured Speakers

If you’ve read our latest Medium post then you already know that November has been a hectic month for Iomob CEO Boyd Cohen and the team, including three consecutive speaking events for Boyd at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a quickly emerging new asset class — complete with Futures and perhaps ETFs to come. So here is something that isn’t as openly or frequently discussed in mainstream media: market making.

This is something which is rampant in the traditional securities asset class and has been for a long time, as market makers constantly influence the charts on many of the stock exchanges.

WTF is a market maker?

If you’re like me, then you most probably haven’t even come across this term in the past and most likely haven’t bothered to do any research on this matter. You could say that…

iomob.net CEO Boyd Cohen PhD was a contributor to The Convergence Ecosystem in Mobility by Outlier Ventures. Community manager Lawrence Stoican summarises the impact behind the report.

As technology progresses, so do human expectations. Our exponential growth and boom in technology is not to be taken lightly. Let us not forget that the first Apple iPhone is only 11 years old, a time frame within which we have made smartphones better, bigger, faster and more efficient. One key feature which has enabled such advancements is demand. If the people demand it, companies are obliged to provide it (due to profit-maximizing…

According to NASA, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are at their highest in the last 650,000 years, and seventeen of the eighteen warmest years on record have occurred since 2001 consecutively. It is widely known that the industrial revolution takes most of the blame in this situation, along with the development of motor engines and such.

Many of us don’t want our planet to turn into a hot wasteland, unable to support life as we know it. …

Lawrence Stoican community manager at Iomob shares his perspectives on public transport around the world.

Not every city can be a Seoul or Dubai it seems when it comes to public transportation. Commuters around the world have to deal with long waiting times and unreliable systems, wherever they live. But why is it that humanity, which sent its own kind to the moon more than 40 years ago, still cannot figure out effective interconnected transportation systems for simple commuter travel from A to B on land and sea?

Today we’re looking into where we can be meeting public demand for…

Going to Singapore Blockchain Week? Join the conversation t.me/singaporeblockchain

One of the most technologically advanced and “game-ready” blockchain locations on this planet today: Singapore.
It’s no coincidence that Singapore was also recently crowned global “#1 Blockchain City”, in an in depth report conducted by Smart Cities Expert Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. CEO IoMob. It won the race as the world’s top blockchain hotspot above both London and Zug (a.k.a Crypto Valley). You can review Boyd’s methodology used to rank these cities right here.

Coming up next we have big plans for Singapore, with Boyd himself attending meetings and conferences over 3 days (September 13th — 16th). During this time we…

Lawrence is a community manager and content writer for Iomob — views are his own. Join the Iomob Telegram community at t.me/Iomob

As the 2018 summer is coming to an end in the northern hemisphere, here at Iomob we are just getting geared up and started! During this time of the year, Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. CEO IoMob will be touring around Australia and South East Asia, actively promoting Iomob’s vision and plans moving forward.

Executive Director of the Blockchain Cities Alliance, Boyd Cohen will be speaking at a high-profile event organised by founding partners Blockchain Centre and #DifVIC. The joint…

Lawrence Stoican

Copywriting | Digital Marketing | Blockchain

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