RunCPA: From a Member's Point of View

People often ask me "What is the best way to earn Bitcoin? Should I try faucets or surveys or solving captchas?".

To which I always reply " Either find someone willing to donate to you a warehouse of miners and discover the secret of free energy or Join RunCPA".

Surveys....? They are ok. If you don’t mind spending an hour or two for the chance of maybe earning a few hundred Satoshi.

Railblocks....? Shoot me instead.

Faucets....? Eh, I won’t knock them. I owned a faucet back in the $350.00 Bitcoin days and I know of a handful of people that have formulated a decent system for collecting them. But it is a tedious process and most don’t let you withdraw until an incredibly large amount has been stockpiled. By Large I, of course, mean that relative to the amount you get for each collection.

If you want to earn an amount of BTC that is large enough to actually call income, then RunCPA is the way to go. Here is why:

I have been a member of RunCPA Since the middle of 2016. I didn’t actually become an active member till the beginning of 2017 though. I’ll admit, I started out slow and really had no idea what I was doing. But I decided to try it anyway. After posting some of my referral links to Twitter, just a few times, I began to see activity on My RunCPA dashboard. It was so exciting to see my first CPC (cost per click) clicks coming in. In real time. I would post to Twitter and in the time it took me to tab over to my dashboard, I would already have 20 clicks showing. Then I got my first CPL (cost per lead). This was even more exciting because CPL’s usually pay for each registered and confirmed email you direct to them. After a successful CPL, any revenue that the company earns from that lead gets split with you. For Life! That is the magic of earning through RunCPA and why it is a better route to take than any of the other aforementioned ways. Your work will keep on paying you. Even when you are not working. I’ve taken two-three week long hiatuses without signing in to my dashboard due to being too busy with work and then signed in to find that I had earned money during that time without even thinking about it once!

I now have 21 leads from various offers that all make me money. I find my results very promising considering that I have not yet put a full day of work into my promoting. After only five months of promoting RunCPA's offers in my free time (Which basically doesn't exist) I've earned a decent amount of BTC. I am now ready to take the leap into making affiliate marketing my number one source of income. It's a little scary, but I feel comfortable enough with what I've learned so far to take the leap.

RunCPA has so much to offer and they are constantly making improvements. There is the Webmaster’s Lodge which consists of Telegram channels for the affiliates and RunCPA staff to discuss everything from questions or concerns, needed improvements, suggested features, promotions, strategies, or just to spam a bunch useless pictures of yourself making stupid faces. This is the feature that made me fall in love with RunCPA. They actually listen to what their members want and need and then..... Get this...They actually do something about it. I haven’t seen a member’s question or issue go without resolution. Just about every suggestion made by the affiliates, within reason, has been implemented by the staff. Evan, Jim, and Margarita are the RunCPA staff at the forefront of the community. Then there are the other affiliates. Everyone there is helpful and we all go above and beyond to ensure each other’s success. Believe me, when I tell you, they are on your team and will help you to succeed. They are the reason I feel comfortable going full time with this.

I could go on and on about why RunCPA is my #1 choice for earning Bitcoin. Instead, I will tell you to give it a shot. If you can connect to the internet, you can make money. You don’t need a website. RunCPA accepts all traffic sources. Except fraudulent of course. I have never spent a Satoshi on advertising although I plan on doing so very soon. I have made all my money so far by posting to Twitter and word of mouth face to face advertising.

Thanks for reading and good luck on your affiliate journey.