How to Touch Her

A woman’s body is like an instrument. Your hands should be warm. Your intentions should be to make her sing. She will respond to your fingers and your voice. Your voice should be soft at first, whispering to her how beautiful she is, and how lucky you are that she is allowing you to touch her skin. Look in her eyes, touch every part of her body with grace and elegance. Run your hands up and down from her shoulders down her stomach to her hips, kissing softly while you hold her.

Her body is responding now and things can go a number of directions at this point. It can get faster, rougher, with gentle pulling and smacking if thats what she likes. Or it can remain soft and slow. Listen to her. Look at her. What her eyes say is just as important as what she whispers to you. Sometimes, she won’t say a word, but her body will tell you everything.

A person is always greater for the privilege of who’s body they are touching. Honor this experience, whether its never going to happen again or if you are lucky enough to touch her every single day.

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