What the selfie are you talking about?

I donut care. I hate everyone. I took this photo today at school and it makes me kinda sad. At first I took the photo because the verbiage on the back of the two shirts sitting near eachother yet completely oblivious to each-others existance was amusing and ironic. But then I looked again, as I walked through the courtyard and saw that everyone was surrounded, yet completely isolated and alone. Smart phones have done this to us, social media has done this to us. We no longer interact on a basic human level anymore. I am guilty of it too, we all are. It reminded me of this youtube video that I have seen and shared before called Look Up (https://youtu.be/Z7dLU6fk9QY) which is totally worth watching if you haven’t seen it, and also worth watching AGAIN if you have.

It’s true that social media connects us in some ways, since we are able to communicate with people we may not see on a regular basis, but at what cost? Are we losing our ability to interact? Studies show that communication is 93% non verbal. NINETY THREE PERCENT. That is a lot. Like a lot, a lot! We are missing the message when we text, when we email. Have you ever had an argument over text? Of course you have! It is as simple as the lack of a smiley face emoji or a period where YOU thought there should have been an exclamation point. It is a pretty scary reality if you think about it.

What can we do?!?!? Lets try this. Here are 6 small things you can TRY to do, to minimize this tragic loss from your amazing life. Just try.

  1. Do not look at your phone when you first wake up. I know. What the fuck. It’s what I do! Wake up, check Insta, check FB, check email. Don’t do it. Get out of bed, brush your teeth, wash your face, kiss your lover or your dog and have a few moments to breathe. Breathe and be grateful that you have another amazing 24 hours to live, breathe and thrive. Check it after you have had your coffee.
  2. Time it. Even just being aware of your time spent on your smart phone can be a huge wake up call. Add up the time spent and you will probaby be surprised. Once you have established what a time sucker it is, give yourself a daily limit and try to stick to it!
  3. Leave your phone. I know. What is she thinking?? Leave it in the car when you go in for groceries. Leave it at your house when you walk or run your dog, and dust off your ipod for music (I know you were going to say you can’t walk or run without the phone because of music!) Leave it in the other room for a few hours in the evening. Just give yourself a justifiable break.
  4. Don’t bring it to bed. Just do not do it. Bed is for sleeping, fucking, making love, kissing, coffee, netflix, snuggling, going on adventures. Bed is not for phone town. Make it a rule. This could save your whole relationship. I cannot tell you how much my heart breaks to see my lover in bed next to me…scrolling. Kinda ties in with number one on this list.
  5. Ask someone something ONCE PER DAY that you might normally default to your smart phone for. Once per day, start a conversation with an actual human, if the situation presents itself, where you ask something that you culd easily look up. Directions, a restaurant recommendation (real live yelp-what a concept!), a definition, a rad beach spot or a hike, anything! Do it.
  6. This is a BIG ONE. When you go to a concert, a festival, a show…DO NOT FILM the whole damn thing. No one is going to watch your 3 minute Imagine Dragons youtube video. They just aren’t. The only person you are cheating is YOURSELF. You are minimizing this amazing artistic performance, this experience. It becomes less when you are holding up your phone the whole time. Keep it for yourself. Take a few photos, maybe a few seconds of video, but seriously live in the moment. Because soon…its gone.

So lets see. Try these. Lets see if we can remain human in a world that is rapidly becoming void of serendipitous interaction. Be well friends! xO

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