These days, you need more than just a few slices of snappy marketing content to get people to buy into your brand. One of the most effective means of nurturing new business — not to mention a sense of loyalty and trust — is through social proof.

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon in which someone mimics the actions of someone else to reflect what they perceive to be correct behavior for a given situation. It’s Human Nature 101. It’s the reason why we scour Yelp reviews before trying out new restaurants. It’s the driving force behind FOMO.

When applied…

In the marketing world, there is a huge, ever-growing divide between creativity and data-driven marketing.

Many creatives worry that the increasing reliance on data will kill the freedom to take risks and try out some of their more outside-the-box ideas.

Advocates of data-based marketing argue that marketing dollars shouldn’t be wasted on potential crash-and-fail ideas that aren’t guaranteed to hit their target audiences.

Realistically, the best option for marketing success lies somewhere in the middle, with a strong melding of creativity and data working together to inform creative decisions and birth more targeted, more relevant advertising campaigns.

But why should…

Today’s advertising has become incredibly personalized. As such, consumers have come to expect ad experiences tailored specifically to them, targeted at their wants and interests. This strategy has become increasingly more common, with amazing results.

By making your video content more relevant to prospects, you can humanize your overall brand while simultaneously creating a more timely ad experience. Contextual data is the present and future of marketing, and companies that have realized this are reaping the rewards.

You can achieve success in this regard by creating dynamic video ads that use multiple levels of copy and creative, which are mixed…

Customer data is abundant these days. Some even say it’s overabundant. There is no shortage of ways to find, collect, analyze, and utilize it as part of one’s marketing strategy.

In a way, brands no longer have an excuse to not use it.

And use it they should. More than ever, consumers expect content that is tailored to them. They want something relevant — something relatable. In fact, 80% of them say they are far more likely to buy from businesses who offer them personalized experiences.

Have you ever come across something so awesome on your Instagram feed that you can’t stop thinking about it until you finally cave and go buy one for yourself?

Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us.

Maybe an account related to one of your hobbies was the inspiration — a hiking aficionado talking about the awesome Klean Kanteen they just got, or a home baker sharing drool-worthy pictures of cookies made with King Arthur Flour.

Or perhaps in the search for a workout routine, you found a video series in which the instructor — someone with a huge…

The first banner ad, published on in 1994, was unbelievably effective. The simple JPG — part of an AT&T campaign — garnered a whopping 44% click-through rate.

None of us are strangers to the term “company culture.” But it’s not just some fancy buzzword. It’s something that has a far-reaching impact, from how seriously job prospects consider working for you to how customers feel about giving you their money.

Your workforce is quite literally a personification of your brand. Their ability to problem-solve, create, inspire, and produce value are all reflective of your company as a whole.

But there’s no way for anyone outside of the company to know it if you don’t show it.

A company culture video can help you bring these real-world skills and…

Company culture can be one of the sharpest arrows in a marketer’s quiver. It’s an extension — or perhaps the source — of your brand’s distinct point of view. It’s what makes your company unique. This is especially important in highly saturated or commodified markets, but virtually any brand can leverage its company culture to set itself apart from the herd.

There’s just one caveat.

Your company culture has to be, you know…good.

“Good” can mean a lot of things, of course. Your company culture can be fun, philanthropic, authoritative, health-conscious, community-minded…pretty much anything you want, really.

But the one…

What a time it is to be alive and in the marketing business, huh? With over 4 billion Internet users worldwide (over 3 billion of whom are active on social media), it’s never been easier for marketers and brand managers to reach so many potential customers so quickly.

But here’s the thing about the ubiquity of the Web and social media. Anyone with an Internet connection can say anything they want about your brand.

The question is, are you listening?

If your answer is “no,” then you’re missing out on opportunities to grow and protect your brand.

Large, small, or…

When it comes to building your brand, you can’t sleep on video content. At this point, continuing to do so could actually be detrimental to your growth. The video-centric future is here, and the data proves it.

Currently, 33% of all online activity is video-based, with Cisco estimating that by 2021, 80% of worldwide internet traffic will be strictly video content.

And video marketing is currently as diverse as it’s ever been. Myriad channels are ripe for the picking. …

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