This is a story about what made one man realize the power of love…

George knows love.. or so he thought. He fell in love with her steel blue eyes. He fell in love with her tender yet outgoing laugh. He fell in love with her soft, warm skin. He fell in love with her passionate heart. He fell in love with her attitude.He fell in love with her brown thick hair. He fell in love with her. And one thing that he also loved was to talk about her as he usually had, or at least tried to have, talks with his young son about her. But as the boy got older the talks got smaller until they just didn’t really do it anymore.

George took his son fishing the one day in the morning at the lake after countless begging from the little boy. He had never been fishing before, the now 12 year old. After a few hours and not even turning up a single blue-gill, George decides its best to come back another day. The boy complains saying he wants to wait until he catches a fish, so he can impress his father. George chuckles then looks thoughtfully at his dear son. He says there’s no need to impress, as he already loves him so much and besides, it would be too late to fish and would take forever. But then the youngster surprises his father with words that felt more seasoned and sincere than the boy himself, “Forever ain’t enough dad.”

Although the words seemed menial and very simple to the naked eye, George noticed a seriousness in the boys eyes when he said them. The voice of a 12 year old shook a 29 year old man’s thought process as if he were his great grandfather lecturing him. After he spoke the words, he put his head down and loosened his grip on the poles frontward handle. George asked his son if there was something wrong or if he had said something wrong. The boy told him no.

After a small moment of silence George had to ask what he meant when he said those heartfelt words. His son just shrugs. Then in another attempt to ease into his tiny investigation, George asks if it has something to do with him. His son tells him sort of. Then George comes through with a daunting thought.. but quickly shrugs it off. Until the boy drops his pole, leans to George and wraps an arm around his father’s. “I miss her daddy.” “What?” replied George in a cracked voice. “How- what made you think of that?” “Well you always said you and her would be together forever, but that was not long enough to me.” George asked what he remembered most and he replied, “I know you really talked about her a lot but I remember her eyes on my own.” George fighting away tears says, “I miss her too bud, forever really isn’t long enough.”

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