By Maria Russo

Back in April I was invited to meet Shawn Achor, a renowned positive psychologist (he works with Oprah — enough said) and author who spends his days traveling and studying happiness in societies around the world — yes I want that job too. The meeting was centered around the promotion of a tour company that wanted us (The Culture-ist) to feature an infographic, developed in collaboration with Achor, on the correlation between vacations and stress levels.

The meeting was really no different from most PR-orchestrated chats, but I found myself buying into Achor’s every word regarding his research on happiness…

By Beth Lalonde

Walk into any bookstore, and the evidence will arrest you at once: row upon row of glossy hardcovers, each one bedecked with an impossibly beautiful portrait of an impossibly wealthy woman. Big, aspirational verbs leap out at you in capital letters.



“Nice girls don’t get the corner office,” one manual chides, and you’re tempted to pick up the volume. You don’t, after all, want office courtesy to be your career’s downfall.

Beneath talk of boosting confidence, achieving one’s full potential, and finding personal fulfillment, what are these books really peddling?

Feminism has never been a…

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